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31 October 2007

US Intelligence To Help Turkey Target PKK Terrorists ?

US Intelligence?

In - tell - i - gence?

Surely someone's joking? Surely they're just joshin'?

Tell us they're 'avin a larf'. Well, ain't they?

Wasn't it US/UK 'Intelligence' (courtesy Colin Powell & Co), that conned so many at the outset into assisting the United States (and it's so-called coalition of the willing), cause the continuing chaos & carnage that currently is Iraq?

The pillocks our pulling our plonker -- right?

They're extracting some more of the Michael -- right?

And they're taking the Turks for retards -- right?

Ask yourself a simple question.

Would you trust such (serially), proven liars -- with your life?

Well, would you?

Get a good gander at this.

US giving Turkey PKK intelligence

The US is giving Turkey "actionable intelligence" on the positions of Kurdish separatist fighters in northern Iraq, a Pentagon spokesman has said.

Geoff Morrell said intelligence would be "key for any sort of any military response" to the attacks on Turkey by the Kurdistan Workers' Party
Read the rest of the report right here.

(Pinch of salt to put on your yellow-cake, anyone?)

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30 October 2007

Thank You All ...

To simply say "touched" or "moved" would be an understatement.

To say "Moved, touched and astounded," would be much more accurate.

It's difficult to described the depth of the appreciation of Laurence's nearest and dearest.

To all those who showed their support and concern at this extremely trying time, both by comment on the blog and via emails, we want to convey our sincere thanks.

We're proud to know you.

King Abdullah, Queen Elizabeth, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Rich Rogue Rulers And The Rest Of Us ...

Red carpet welcome for Saudi king

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has been welcomed ceremonially to Britain by the Queen, amid burgeoning controversy over the Middle Eastern ruler's stay.
The Queen greeted him on Horseguard's Parade at the start of his first visit to the UK in 20 years.

The Lib Dems and some charities said the visit should not take place because of the kingdom's human rights record.
And, apparently a few Lib Dem MPs and some charities weren't the only people protesting. Read the rest of the 'protests' report.

Originally, we intended at this particular point to pass some super-strong personal opinions regarding a few little things like 'laying down with dogs and getting fleas' - 'birds of a feather sticking together' - 'as thick as thieves' - 'partners in crime' - 'blood brothers' and some similarly sickening stuff -- but then we had some second thoughts.

After all, at our age we should know better than to lose our heads - over anything.

The good and the great, eh?

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28 October 2007

Obituary ...

R. I. P.


Dearly beloved 'baby' brother of Richard, Harry, Margaret and Robert.

Taken from us, Thursday, suddenly.


G'night and God bless, Lar.

We love you.

26 October 2007

Sincere Best Wishes To Russell Watson -- Get Well Soon ...

We're taking time off tonight.

And we're wishing Russell Watson well.

We hope we're not alone.

Russell Watson 'recovering well'

Watson has sold more than four million albums around the world

Hospital statement

Singer Russell Watson is "recovering well" from emergency surgery on a brain tumour and is in a stable condition, a hospital official has said.

"He is talking for brief periods and has been eating small amounts of food," added Michael Stroud of the private Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle.

But medical staff had warned the star, who is 40, that the recovery process "may be a long haul", Mr Stroud said.

Watson fell ill during a recording session on Wednesday.

He had become suddenly incapacitated and had a number of symptoms, including a "dramatic deterioration of vision".

An MRI scan revealed a re-growth of a previous benign tumour, which was removed a year ago, accompanied by bleeding.
Find full Russell story here.

Then see and hear him at his own site.

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25 October 2007

Bloodied Code Pink Protestor Confronts Condi Rice : Calls Her 'War Criminal' ...

Hugest of huge hat-tips to 'The Huffington Post' for the heads-up here.

Watch a 'Code Pink' war protesting woman wave her bloody hands (in the absolute, literal sense), full square in the face of Condoleezza Rice as she confronts her and (very), vociferously accuses Condi of war criminality.


Can you say close up? And/or full frontal?

Way to go, gal.

We wish we'd have been there with you.

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24 October 2007

Europeans' Message To US Military: Shove Your Missiles Where The Sun Don't Shine ...

US might delay missile defense

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - The Bush administration has told Moscow it may delay activation of a proposed U.S. missile defense system in Europe until it has "definitive proof" that Iran poses a missile threat, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday.

A senior Russian official repeated the Kremlin view that the U.S. misreads Iran's missile potential. And in Washington, President Bush asserted that a U.S.-linked missile defense system is urgently needed in Europe, illustrating the depth of the divide between former Cold War adversaries.

"We need to take it seriously — now," Bush said of the possibility Iran will gain the ability to attack Europe.
(snip) [Read the rest of the report.]

Oh, really?

Really and truly, Roberto?

For God's sake, Gatesey, give us a bloody break.

Someone - such as yourself - should show your BushCo boss precisely what/who the European people themselves see as their greatest threat. And, as you know as well we all damned well do -- it definitely isn't Iran.

Nor is it Russia. Nor is it China. Nor is it North Korea.

No way, Jose.

When asked who they considered the greatest threat to this precious planet's safety & stability, the overwhelming majority of men and women over here made it perfectly plain - they said straight out - 'It's the USA'.

See said survey's findings, facts and figures in full.

And the BushCo-bullshit-spewers want we regular Europeans to believe we'd be better off with a moutain of their missiles stuck in our midst?

Yeah, sure.

Well, we say stick 'em in (and up) your own midst, Mr Bush.

Preferably, sideways, sunshine.

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Turkey Attacks Kurd Terrorists In Iraq ...

Well, whadaya know?

Surprise, surprise, eh?


What have we been telling anyone & everyone who was willing and/or wanted to be told? For a long time too.

Turkey shelling Kurd rebels in Iraq

By Selcan Hacaoglu, Associated Press Writer

ANKARA, Turkey

Turkish troops have shelled suspected Kurdish rebel positions in Iraq, a government official said Wednesday, as military and civilian leaders were expected to discuss the scope and duration of a cross-border incursion.

Turkish artillery units were shelling rebel positions as late as Tuesday night in northern Iraq, a government official said on condition of anonymity, because he was not authorized to speak to the media. The strikes were in retaliation for a rebel ambush on Sunday that killed 12 soldiers and apparently led to the capture of eight.

The official did not say which areas were targeted and refused to give further information.

Local media have reported that Turkish jets have struck targets inside of [Iraq] since Sunday's attack, but the government official denied that air power was used.

Iraqi Kurdish officials have confirmed Turkish shelling along the border area.


Turkey seems willing to refrain from invading Iraq until at least early next month, when it is scheduled to host foreign ministers for a meeting about Iraq. U.S.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has proposed a meeting among the United States, Iraq and Turkey during the Nov. 2-3 conference in Istanbul.

More here at link.

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23 October 2007

Meet Stephen Gordon, 44, From Croydon, South London ...

If this isn't an actual act of atrocious and vicious terrorism, committed by a 42 year old British terrorist against a disabled 96 year old soldier, then what the hell is?

Eh? What the hell is?

Attacker of elderly man sentenced

CCTV image

Mr Chaudury walks with the aid of two walking sticks

A man who left a 96-year-old war veteran blind in one eye after attacking him on a packed tram has been given a three-year supervision order.

Stephen Gordon, 44, launched his unprovoked attack on Shah Chaudury in Croydon, south London, in December.

Gordon, from Croydon, was found guilty of grievous bodily harm after the attack was caught on CCTV, Croydon Crown Court heard.
Read the rest of this revolting report -- and see the CCTV footage of the attack.

A three year supervision order ???????


No wonder that while we watched this w*nker on television -- he was laughing all over his effing face.

Good Gawdstrewth! Give us strength.

And just in case anyone missed it the first time, here once again is the crazed, criminal, cretin who was caught, tried and convicted of committing this completely uncalled for, cowardly, callous crime:

Stephen Gordon, 44, from CROYDON, South London.
May you live through interesting times, mate.

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22 October 2007

Turkey:Troops And Weapons Trundling Toward Iraq ...

Latest Turkish update from Associated Press, under an hour ago.

Turkish troops, weapons head toward Iraq

By Volkan Sarisakal - Associated Press Writer

SIRNAK, Turkey - Dozens of Turkish military vehicles loaded with soldiers and heavy weapons rumbled toward the Iraq border on Monday after an ambush by guerrilla Kurds that left eight soldiers missing and killed 12.


Iraq's president said the rebels would announce a cease-fire later in the day.


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he told Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a telephone conversation on Sunday night that Turkey expected "speedy steps from the U.S." in cracking down on Kurdish rebels and that Rice, who called the Turkish leader, asked "for a few days" from him.

[US State Department spokesman. Sean] McCormack did not dispute the account of the conversation but declined to comment on what Rice had meant by asking for "a few days."

Read the rest of the latest report right here.

And we'd strongly suggest bookmarking this link if you seriously want to stay abreast of the Turkish 'situation'.

Then last but by no means least, treat yourself to a (totally free), trip to The Internet Public Library - Newspaper reading room - Turkish section.

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21 October 2007

Why Blood On Our Own 'Mersey Moon' Brings Back Bad Memories ...

It was way past midnight last night when we went out onto our patio for a puff or two (or three), on our final fag of the night.

It was while we stood smoking that we noticed. We watched, wincing and worrying, as a brilliant half moon started setting across the Mersey, before dropping down to disappear altogether behind the hills of North Wales.

So why where we wincing and worrying?

The last time we witnessed a half moon as 'bloody' as last night's, was way back in 1991. And though we still can't quite recollect which month it was, we'll never forget the year;not ever.

We were being bounced about (to beat the blooming band), inside a battered & bruised old minibus being driven hell for leather (and aimed at an airport), by the mad young Montenegrin man piloting driving the seemingly jet-propelled, bone shaking, and so obviously ultra-unsafe as to be cold clammy sweat creating, genuinely junk-like old jalopy.

We'd left the (then), fantastic four star 'Fjord' Hotel (since we were working and almost 'well off' then), on the outskirts of the tiny old town of Kotor lots later than we wanted to and were worried we wouldn't make it in time for take off.

To this day we've never forgotten that night. Nor will we ever.

The reason we were way behind time leaving was because our wonderful (and hellishly hardworking) waitress, Maria, had finished later than usual that night - but on her way home had collapsed in a nearby old cobbled street.

Locals had stumbled upon the lovely little lady laying prostrate at the kerbside. They brought her back to the hotel hoping for help but, by that time it wasn't any longer the lovely Maria that we'd (only an hour or so earlier) hugged, kissed, bid a fond farewell - and in addition had (much more than willingly) treated to a truly well deserved, tidy-sized tip.

Sad to say, our then most recently become best mate, Maria, wasn't destined spend any of our voluntarily donated Dinars. Since it soon dawned on us all that our dear Maria had already gone to meet her maker. What Maria's concerned fellow Kotor residents had urgently yet gently & careingly carried back to us all, was by then no more than a still warm, dead body.

Later that night, the Black Mountains weren't black at all. They were eerily red;rich deep red;blood red - as also was the brilliantly lit half moon hovering above. As also were the deep, dark waters of the fjord itself, frighteningly far below us as we belted along the (badly in need of proper repair) winding fjord perimeter road - at a petrifying pace.

That night, even the stars themselves seemed to shimmer in several shades of scarlet. The facts of the matter are that we couldn't possibly truthfully call what we saw, 'a moonscape' -- no way - it looked much more like something crying out to be christened a 'bloodscape'.

Disconcerted? Definitely. Filled with foreboding? For sure we were. In fact it's difficult to describe and/or explain exactly to what (extreme) extent.

To cut a long story short though, we eventually got to the airport check-in desk in the (proverbial), nick of time. We kid you not. We made it by minutes.

The airport was the Medieval walled city of Dubrovnik's - in Croatia. We'd come from pretty as a picture postcard, Kotor - in Montenegro. We'd been in (what was then), The Republic of Yugoslavia.

It was soon after that blood-red, moon-lit, mournful night flight - both by road and by air - that Yugoslavia first 'flared up'. Thereafter, things thereabouts rapidly worsened to the point where they 'blew up' - full frontal - right in the whole world's face.

Shortly afterwards, the Balkans' now infamous bloodletting 'spree' (aka Ethnic Cleansing) began in earnest.

So, after the shock of (for only the second time in our reasonably long lives), suddenly seeing such a surfeit of 'blood on the moon' as we saw last tonight ...

... well ...

... we're just sayin'.

That's all.

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20 October 2007

Tony Blair: See The Wolf 'Sans' Sheep's Clothing ...

Oh, bolli bleedi blood bugge bother!

It seems everybody is beating us to it, lately.

We were all set to get stuck into a story to show up that two-faced twerp, Tony Blair for the slimy sort of schmuck the seedy shyster is -- always was, and (we'll wager) ever more shall be.

See said pathetic prat's pic below. It beats a thousand words.

Although ... on second thoughts, maybe it's best we don't say that.

You'll soon see what we mean if you swiftly swoop across to 'Sparrowchat' and read what a different dear old mature Brit (ex-pat, in Illinois), has written regarding the most recent of the posing/posturing poodle's (well paid?) puke provoking, performance.


See said op-ed yourself.

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19 October 2007

Diego Garcia 'Black Site' Shame: UK & US Accused Of Crimes Against Humanity ...

The hugest of hat-tips for the heads-up today goes out to Gordo, one of our bestest buddy US bloggers across the Atlantic at his 'Appletree' blog.

Claims of secret CIA jail for terror suspects on British island to be investigated

· Legal charity urges action on Diego Garcia claims

· Prisoners may have been held in ships off coast

Go to the 'The Guardian'
to read the (revolting), rest of this report -- and go there right now.

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18 October 2007

R.I.P. Deborah Kerr, C.B.E : 1921 - 2007

US Political Parties And Hobson's Choices: Right, Right And/Or Right Again ...

This particular post quite possibly (probably?), won't interest in the slightest, several sections of the so-called 'left' in the United States.

So what? We've been believers in the old principle of 'Publish and be damned' since before billions of 'em were blinkin' born.

But now to get down to business; blog-roll business.

Another laughingly labeled US 'lefty' blog - and another bloody big one to boot - has today been unceremoniously buggered off into oblivion from our blog-roll. And by the way, when we say big we mean BIG, BIG.

Honestly, the more we learn about US politics the less we understand - and the less we like.

Summed up? It seems to us that in so many Americans' minds, anyone leaning left of The Right absolutely must, must, must be a communist.


And this from those who for the most part positively can't come close to comprehending any of the (very many), massive differences between even liberalism and socialism - let alone communism.

Well, whatever. As an ancient adage advises - in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is King.

And no, we're most certainly not saying who's been 'binned' by us today. Since we're pretty sure that far too many readers couldn't resist the temptation to 'hit' such cited sites.

And that, as sure as shit stinks, would definitely defeat the object of the exercise.


We will say this though - the first one that went (an awful long time ago too),
was this one.

Then, not too long later,
this one.

(So sue us, surrogates.)

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17 October 2007

Russian-American War Games:The New Cold (World) War Has Already Begun ...

This amazing article by Professor Michel Chossudovsky is a cross post from The Centre for Research on Globalisation website.

New Cold War: Simultaneously, Russia and America Conduct Major War Games

by Michel Chossudovsky

There has been a virtual media blackout on the conduct of major military exercises by both Russia and the US. . Reminiscent of the Cold War, Russia and America are conducting major war games simultaneously.

The Russian Air Force will be conducting major military exercises over a large part of its territory from the 16th to the 30th of October. These Russian exercises coincide chronologically with the conduct of major US sponsored war games under Vigilant Shield 08, which are slated to take place from the 15th to the 20th of October. VS-08 was preceded by major naval exercises under Pacific Shield 07 hosted by Japan, involving the participation of Australia, France, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, and the US.

President Vladimir Putin announced in August that Russia would be resuming long-range bomber flights over the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans for the first time since the breakup of the Soviet Union. (Associated Press, October 1, 2007). Moscow's resolve was in response to US-NATO threats directed against Russia including the militarization of Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

The US exercise code named Vigilant Shield 2008 (VS-08) is casually presented as an "anti-terrorist drill". While under the joint auspices of the Pentagon and the Department of Defense, US Northern Command in liaison with NORAD is in charge of the operation.

VS-08 includes a massive deployment of the US Air Force and Canada's Air Force. It resembles a war-time scenario with the deployment of bombers and fighter jets over the entire North American continent extending into the Arctic.

Meanwhile in the Pacific, military exercises are being held in Guam under the VS-08 imitative. Parallel US-Philippines sponsored war games are slated to commence in the Philippines archipelago on the 16th of October, "involving nearly 3,500 troops from specialized forces from the two countries."

In what visibly appears to be a confrontational scenario, the Russian war games commence one day after the launching of the US sponsored VS-08.
Russian strategic bombers Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22M3, and Il-78 aerial tankers "will conduct flights over the Arctic region, the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, and the Black Sea, with simulated bombing raids and firing of cruise missiles at testing grounds in northern and southern Russia," Colonel Alexander Drobyshevsky said." (RIA Novosti).

Part of these Russian war games will be conducted in the Arctic, within proximity of US and Canadian territory (Alaska and Canada's Arctic).

"Moscow announced in mid-August that regular patrol flights by strategic bombers had been resumed, and would continue on a permanent basis, with patrol areas including commercial shipping and economic production zones.
The U.S. administration expressed concern about the resumption of patrol flights by Russian strategic bombers.

"I think the rapid growth in Russian military spending definitely bears watching," U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview with ABC News on October 14.

"And frankly, some of the efforts - for instance, Bear flights in areas that we haven't seen for a while - are really not helpful to security."

(RIA Novosti)

Over the last several months, Russia has been conducting warplane exercises around Alaska. In the course of last Summer, Russian bombers staged a number of exercises in what is described as "a buffer zone outside U.S. air space", within proximity of Alaska. According to a NORAd spokesman,
"U.S. and Canadian fighter jets, including F-15s, were dispatched each time to escort the Russian planes in the exercises, which ranged from two to six aircraft,...

VS-8 is based on a scenario of confrontation with Russia and China. In August, under the auspices of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Russia and China joined hands in the conduct of major war games. Code-named "Peace-Mission 2007", the exercises were held in the Volga region of Russia as well as in the Urumqi region of Western China.

Global Research Articles by Michel Chossudovsky

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16 October 2007

Russia's Putin In Iran: Warns America To 'Cool It' Across All Caspian Countries ...

Tsk, tsk.

Talk about 'can't see the woods for the trees'. Talk about 'the ties that bind'. Talk about ignoring elephants in living rooms

Isn't it about time the self-deluding, self-styled "Uniter" US President, George W. Bush realised that both blood and oil are lots thicker than water?

That nobody puts up with bullies for ever? That every worm turns, eventually? That every dog will have it's day?

And that no one's any longer scared of a (so plainly proven in Iraq & Afghanistan), lame-duck loser such as himself?

Putin in Iran for landmark visit

The visit coincides with a summit of leaders from the [oil & gas rich], Caspian region

Russian President Vladimir Putin is in Iran for a historic visit, the first by a Kremlin leader since Stalin joined a summit there in World War II.

Mr Putin attended a summit of heads of countries in the Caspian Sea area and is set to meet Iran's leaders.

At the meeting of the five states bordering the Caspian Sea - Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan - the countries' leaders signed a declaration agreeing to never allow their territory to be used for an attack on another littoral state.

"The parties emphasise that in no circumstances will they allow their territory to be used by a third country to commit aggression or other military action against one of the parties," AFP news agency quoted the text as saying.

Moscow has called for a peaceful resolution of the dispute, urging the international community to show patience.

"It is futile to frighten Iran and its people - they are not scared," Mr Putin said before the visit.
Read the rest of this report right here.

Finally, for freely offered further information, enlightenment, edification and education we're proud to present today's (suitably simply coloured), picture-book Geography lesson for dummies.

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15 October 2007

More About Blackwater: Bounty For Finding (Fighting-Fit) Bodies?

A regular reader who'd rather remain anonymous sends us this. (Scroll down a bit).

From: Blackwater Employment
Date: Jul 10, 2007 4:24 PM
Subject: Blackwater Security Positions - Available for people with experience
To: xxxx

Dear Friend,

In order to staff a current contract, Blackwater Worldwide is offering a $1,000.00 referral fee for a limited time.Payable to any member of the Blackwater Tactical Community who refers a qualified candidate who successfully deploys for us to an area of Blackwater operation.

Referrals are paid only when the candidate reports for the duty assignment in the area of operations.In the event of a referral dispute, Blackwater Worldwide reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine the referral fee recipient.


Qualifications Note -These are hard requirements! Please do not apply if you do not not meet these basic requirements.

8 years of Military service with qualifications in one of the following: US Navy SEALS, Army Special Forces or Rangers, Marine Force Recon, Air Force PJ or CCT.

Must have or be eligible for US Government Secret Clearance.

Must be a US Citizen!

Must have a minimum of one year experience in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Must be proficient in small arms and be in excellent physical condition.

If you or someone you know is interested, please send resumes to D.CXXXXX at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

We appreciate your time and consideration.

Anonymous claims the email came from here.

We're not sure what we should think.

What about you?

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14 October 2007

Erdla Writes Re: A Sad (And Sadder Still, Savagely Spun) Story From Iraq ...

When we asked recently for guest writers (who we still want/need, btw) to help 'hold our hand' through some personally 'trying times' -- we received several surprises.

Such as -- lots of letters from loonies and/or nasties.

Thankfully, among some of the sensible, sincere (and sane) respondents was young mother, Erdla. Who, incidentally, certainly isn't a stranger to us.

Therefore, today we take (plenty of) pride and pleasure in publishing Erdla's excellent guest piece.


Two months ago ... Zahra Hassan and her father Hussein Abdullah were shot dead by American soldiers on the rooftop of their home.

Let us start with the American version of what happened - here it is in full:

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Aug. 14, 2007
Release A070814b

Coalition Forces Kill Four Terrorists, Detain Eight in Search for Militant Extremist Leader

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Coalition Forces killed four terrorists and detained eight during a raid in Sadr City early Tuesday morning. The rogue Jaysh-al-Mahdi (JAM) leader and his operatives are suspected of coordinating and conducting attacks against Coalition Forces and moderate Iraqis within the Baghdad area.

The purpose of the raid was to capture or kill an extremist militant and his operatives. These militants have split with JAM and threaten the stability and security of areas within Baghdad. These militants are also known to have ties to illicit materials smuggled from Iran that have been used in extra-judicial killings.

Coalition Forces searched three buildings during the operation. Ground troops confiscated miscellaneous documents, photographs and identification cards. As Coalition Forces armored vehicles were departing the area, they were attacked by two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and small arms fire from multiple locations. Coalition Forces called for rotary-wing aircraft to fire warning shots in order to allow the ground forces to break away from the firing extremists. Coalition ground forces also returned fire, killing four armed gunmen. There were no Coalition Forces casualties during the operation.

"Coalition Forces continue to gain momentum in attacking the extremist networks that employ improvised explosive devices, especially explosively formed penetrators, which are smuggled from Iran to attack the Iraqi people and the security forces that protect them," said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesperson. "We will continue our operations against these extremists to expose, disrupt and destroy the supply networks of lethal materials and aid flowing into Baghdad."

Source: Multi-National Force - Iraq - Coalition Forces Kill Four Terrorists, Detain Eight in Search for Militant Extremist Leader

Apart from the usual tissue of innuendo and accusations with not even a shred of supporting evidence, what does this statement contain? It contains an admission that the Americans conducted a raid on a densely populated civilian quarter.

The fact that the Americans have no right to be in Irak, that they invaded and continue to violently occupy Irak on the basis of one self-serving lie after another is, of course, not mentioned.

During the raid they say they came under attack. They responded with fire they called in air support. That's the American version. It ends with the usual propaganda puff piece.

What there isn't is any mention of civilian casualties. There is no mention of a child and her father being killed.

* This is the the independent Iraki newsagency Aswat Al Iraq (Voices of Iraq) English language report:

3-year old girl, uncle killed in raid on Sadr City

Baghdad, Aug 14, (VOI) - A three-year old girl and her uncle were killed during raids by joint Iraqi-U.S. forces on Sadr City, eastern Baghdad, a media source from Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr's office in Baghdad's al-Rasafa district said on Tuesday.

"Zahraa and her paternal uncle were sleeping on the roof of their home on the periphery of Sadr City when the raid, in which nine people were arrested, occurred during the early hours of Tuesday," the source, who preferred not to be named, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI).

A local resident from the area said the joint force was backed by helicopters in the raid that started at 01:00 a.m. and ended at 05:00 a.m., adding that armed clashes erupted between the attacking force and gunmen.

No comment on the incident was immediately available from the U.S. or Iraqi forces.

Source: Aswat Aliraq (English) August 14 2007

From Aswat Al Iraq's Arabic report here we learn that the raid took place on sectors 74 and 75 which are on the outskirts of Sadr city and that the American troops tried to cordon off the district.

One of the things that this means is that ambulances aren't able to get in, and residents trying to take the wounded out will be shot at by the troops manning the cordon.

In an AP report we find this:

Local officials, meanwhile, said four civilians, including a 3-year-old girl, were killed Tuesday during a raid by joint U.S.-Iraqi forces in Baghdad's Shiite district of Sadr City. The U.S. military said four militants were killed after a fierce gunfight, but it had no reports of civilian deaths.


A police officer in Sadr City, speaking on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to release the information, said the four civilians were killed and five others were wounded as American and Iraqi troops backed by helicopters, conducted house-to-house searches in the sprawling area in eastern Baghdad.

Associated Press photos showed the body of 3-year-old Zahraa Hussein lying in a wooden coffin, her white nightdress stained with blood. Police said she and her father had been struck by shrapnel while they slept on the roof of their house seeking comfort from the heat.

Spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Garver said he had no reports of civilians killed in the operation.

"I can't confirm that our operation did that," he said, referring to Hussein's death. "We work very hard to avoid any injury to civilians."

The troops raided three buildings in search of a rogue Shiite militia leader suspected of coordinating and conducting attacks against U.S.-led forces and moderate Iraqis, the military said in a statement.

As the armored vehicles were leaving the area, they were attacked by two roadside bombs and small-arms fire from multiple locations, prompting helicopters to fire warning shots to allow the convoy to escape the attack, it said, adding that U.S.-led ground forces also returned fire, killing four gunmen.

Source: U.S., Iraqi Troops Start New Operation

Reuters reported this attack too again the key passages are in bold text:

BAGHDAD, Aug 14 (Reuters) - U.S. forces said they killed four people in a raid in Iraq's sprawling Shi'ite slum of Sadr City early on Tuesday, while relatives said the dead included a 5-year-old girl sleeping with her family on the roof.

Later in the morning, angry mourners marched through the slum's streets with flag-draped coffins.

Sadr City, home to about a third of Baghdad's six million people, has been a focus of American raids in recent weeks.

It is the main stronghold in the capital of Shi'ite militias loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, which Washington says are linked to Iran and were responsible for nearly three quarters of attacks against its troops in July.

"The Americans raided our house from the roof. They were jumping from one roof to another. They jumped on to our roof and killed my brother and my 5-year-old niece, Zahra Hassan," Ali Khamis Eidan, a policeman, told Reuters.

U.S. military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Christopher Garver said: "Our troops at the site did not inflict any casualties on civilians. The only people they fired at were people who fired at them."

Family members, including the girl's small brother, wept at the scene. On the roof blood had stained a mattress, where relatives said the girl had been killed. Many Iraqis sleep on their roofs in the summer to stay cool.

An official at Sadr City's Imam Ali hospital, Qasim Abdul Zahara, said the hospital's morgue had received three dead bodies, including a 5-year-old girl and her father, both killed by gun wounds to the head.

Four wounded were also treated at the hospital, including an elderly woman and her elderly husband, he added.

U.S. forces said Tuesday's pre-dawn raid was in pursuit of a "rogue" leader of Sadr's Mehdi Army whose militants had split from Sadr and had used "illicit materials smuggled from Iran" to carry out killings.

They said they captured eight suspects. Troops killed four militants after helicopters fired warning shots.

Last week U.S. forces said they killed about 30 militants in an air strike during a raid in Sadr City. They also mounted a raid on Sunday morning, in which they said they killed up to five people and captured 13.

Source Reuters: U.S., Iraqi Troops Start New Operation

So let's see - what do we have?
  • We have a named local policeman who was there at the time of the killing and who says the Americans killed Zahra Hassan a child, and her father.

  • We have a named official at Imam Ali hospital who says that both the child and her father were killed by gun wounds to the head.

There is every reason to believe them if only because in the blood soaked hell hole that America has created in Irak that isn't the sort of thing you would lie about and publicly put your to name to the lie. To tell such an easily disprovable lie would be to ensure that you would be hunted through the streets by a baying mob. So we have two credible witnesses:

1./ They jumped on to our roof and killed my brother and my 5-year-old niece ...

2./ Qasim Abdul Zahara, said the hospital's morgue had received three dead bodies, including a 5-year-old girl and her father, both killed by gun wounds to the head.

and we have the American version:

Our troops at the site did not inflict any casualties on civilians.

Hussein Abdullah and his daughter Zahra Hassan died on the rooftop of the home. They had every reason and every right to be there.

Summer in Baghdad is crushingly hot - temperatures of 50° Celsius are the norm. In temperatures like that even sitting still can be enervating and sleep is almost impossible. To escape the crushing heat and try to get some sleep many people, especially poor people sleep on the roof.

The Americans launched a raid on a densely populated civilian area. They say they didn't inflict any casualties on civilians.

" Our troops at the site did not inflict any casualties on civilians."

Tell that to these two children whose father and sister died of gunshot wounds to their heads. Shot dead by American soldiers according to two reliable local witnesses.

Why is this important? Why bring it up now?

On that day there was a horrific bombing which turned an entire village to rubble and left casualties in the hundreds and these killings sank out of sight. In the two months since August 14th 2007 there has been aerial bombardment, after aerial bombardment, after aerial bombardment of civilian areas by the occupying American forces and if it comes out that civilians were killed.

They shrug them off as "regrettable" and put the blame on someone else. We can expect to see lots more of this the Americans are moving more and more to using air power to try to enforce their "surge." There are going to be lots more Zahra Hassan's - dead children who the American occupying forces "regret" killing.

They're not sorry about it. They just "regret" it.

Zahraa and her father were human beings with all the rights and feelings that you and I have. One of those rights is the right to be remembered. Another is for us to raise our voices in protest at their slaugher.

Thank you Richard for giving me the space to remember and mourn them here.



No. Thank you, Erdla - for reminding any among us who may have forgotten - what genuine journalism is and what genuine journalists do.

We're proud to know you.

And we hope we've (somehow), helped --
as you so selflessy (and serially), help here.

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Millions Of Americans Marching Against The War ...

Millions Of Americans March Against The War.

We well remember watching (and cheering) this, as though it were only last week.


Remember, we're oldies. (Relatively speaking of course).

A sight never to be forgotten. It was the day the world witnessed with it's own eyes - The Spirit Moving. That is to say, the (then) spirit of America.

But that particular popular uprising of the people was against the war then being waged against Vietnam - not Iraq.

And it was in 1969. Thirty eight years ago tomorrow, to the day.

That was way back when, sad to say, almost all of us had bigger (and better) balls than so many people appear to possess today.

And while your own milage may vary of course -- as our blog title states so succinctly, that's the way we see it.

Oops. We're in danger of digressing.

So, since we (strongly) suspect a serious case of mass amnesia may suddenly break out in US mainstream media on Monday, here's our own 'heads up'.

1969: Millions march in US Vietnam Moratorium

Americans have taken part in peace initiatives across the United States to protest against the continuing war in Vietnam.

The Peace Moratorium is believed to have been the largest demonstration in US history with an estimated two million people involved.

In towns and cities throughout the US, students, working men and women, school children, the young and the old, took part in religious services, school seminars, street rallies and meetings.

Supporters of the Vietnam Moratorium wore black armbands to signify their dissent and paid tribute to American personnel killed in the war since 1961.

The focal point was the capital, Washington DC, where more than 40 different activities were planned and about 250,000 demonstrators gathered to make their voices heard.

Read the rest of this reminder/report, right here.

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13 October 2007

US General Ricardo Sanchez: US Politicians Corrupt & Incompetent

So, we've had some (semblance of), sleep.

So, we're not quite too tired to type up something as special as this.

US general damns Iraq 'nightmare'

Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez said the US currently was only delaying defeat

A former US military chief in Iraq has condemned the current strategy in the conflict, which he warned was "a nightmare with no end in sight".

Retired Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez also labelled US political leaders as "incompetent" and "corrupted".

He said they would have faced courts martial for dereliction of duty had they been in the military.
Read the rest of this related BBC report.

Good for you general.

(And btw, we're glad you got that third star).

Though you should have said something even stronger - even sooner.

That way, you may possibly have saved lots of lives; lives of soldiers and civilians.


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Double Trouble For Dubya:Russia And Turkey Both Tired Of US Twerps ...

It seems lots of us are tired tonight.

Russia's tired of the twerps in charge in the US -- Turkey's tired of the twerps in charge in the US -- and to tell you the truth, right now we're tired too -- tired of typing.

But before we bugger off abed, we recommend you read two tremendously important reports.

Here's the first one:

MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin warned President Bush's top two Cabinet officials on Friday to back off U.S. missile defense plans for eastern Europe

And here's the second one:

TURKEY - Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also had harsh words for the United States, which opposes a Turkish incursion into northern Iraq — one of the country’s few relatively stable areas.

“Did they seek permission from anyone when they came from a distance of 10,000 kilometers and hit Iraq?” he said. “We do not need anyone else’s advice.”

G'night, all.

And good luck.

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11 October 2007

Bravo, Brave POTRERO: Small American Town Takes On Blackwater Beasts ...

We rate this a 'must read'.

Especially, for all genuine freedom loving American citizens.

They should take it as an inspirational example, and a reminder of what/how their country once was - and could/should become again. And to that end we would urge all of those who can to spread this story far & wide - via all means possible - since it's a certainty that MSM won't.


By Malcom Lagoughe

(Proposed Blackwater site in Potrero, CA October 8, 2007)

We have all heard by now about the recent atrocities performed by Blackwater, the mercenary company par excellence, in Iraq. Seventeen innocent civilians were killed in an attack by the paid killers.

The administration is "appalled" and said it will rein in Blackwater. In just a few days, the company’s prior agreement that it can not be held liable under any law has been rescinded. Pious assholes of the Bush administration are now trying to look good in the public’s eye by bashing Blackwater.

The rage that the officials speak of is phony. For the past four years, all one had to do was to go to YouTube to see many videos taken by Blackwater employees that showed them killing Iraqi civilians. All the time they were shooting, they were laughing. I find it quite bizarre that millions of U.S. citizens knew about Blackwater’s deadly actions years before the U.S. government.

We all know the government knew of the atrocities but never had to do anything because there were no complaints. That has all changed. Again, I condemn mainstream journalism for not addressing the issue that the U.S. government knew of the actions yet did nothing to halt them. The media are only reporting on the recent actions by the administration, not the four-year coverup that preceded the new humanitarian enlightenment.

Blackwater has created a hornet’s nest in my own area. Just a few miles from where I live, is the town of Potrero, a rural entity with about 800 inhabitants.

Last June, Congressman Duncan Hunter and San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob met with Blackwater representatives and listened to a sales pitch in which the mercenary group would set up shop in Potrero. In October 2006, Blackwater made a proposal to the Potrero Planning Group of its plans. (A Planning Group in this area is an elected board that decides land-use issues.)

At the December meeting, those members of the public in attendance were shocked to see that the agenda held an item for the Planning Group to vote on whether to okay Blackwater’s plans. The vote passed 7-0.

When asked where the agenda was placed for the public to see, the group said that one of its members published it in his Christian newsletter. In other words, the public had no idea that the agenda included a vote on Blackwater. One of the group’s members wore a Blackwater t-shirt. Later, it was discovered that several group members had flown to North Carolina, at Blackwater’s expense, to tour the headquarters.

The people of Potrero began to unravel the illegal and shady vote on Blackwater. Five of the Planning Group members have been recalled and will have to stand in a special election slated for December 2007. Local opposition has been strong for such a small community. "Stop Blackwater" signs can be seen throughout the town.

The recent events in Iraq have given the Blackwater opponents a valuable and powerful new tool. Now, it is known nationwide that Blackwater wanted to secretly open an assassin’s school in this small town.

On October 7, 2007, several hundred Blackwater opponents showed up to a rally in Potrero. Across the street were about 15 advocates who wore Blackwater baseball caps. According to the article "Blackwater foes begin fight with their feet," written by Anne Krueger for the October 8 issue of the San Diego Union-Tribune

Wearing a bright green "Stop Blackwater" t-shirt, Rep. Bob Filner urged about 200 protestors yesterday to keep up their fight against Blackwater USA’s plans to build a military and law enforcement training center in the backcountry community of Potrero.

"We’re going to stop them," Filner, D-San Diego, told the demonstrators who gathered about a mile from the site of the proposed training camp. "Blackwater is a black mark on American democracy."

Filner has proposed a bill in Congress that would allow mercenary training only on military bases. Opponents of Blackwater say the company’s workers in Iraq are mercenaries.

Local weekly newspapers in East San Diego County are involved in the issue. The Alpine Sun has been at the forefront of exposing the once secret plan to the public. According to the paper’s publisher, Vonnie Sanchez:

We have run several articles about Blackwater wanting to set up shop in Portero. The readers have been very pleased with the coverage. Most agree that Blackwater should not come to Potrero.

A meeting in which a sneaky Planning Group tried to slide an item on the agenda by the public has turned into a political scandal. Not only the issue of Blackwater’s future in rural San Diego County is being thoroughly discussed, but the role of elected officials and ethics is on the table. Five members may pay for their deceit by being booted out of office.

When all is said and done, the Potrero Planning Group will not have the last say in the matter. A Planning Group’s decision is only a "suggestion" and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors has the last word. Even if the members are recalled and a new and legitimate vote is held in which the Portrero Planning Group overturns the original vote, the County Board of Supervisors can say, "Thanks for your opinion, but we are in favor of Blackwater coming to Potrero."

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors is comprised of five members: all conservative Republicans. One, Bill Horn, gained nationwide publicity a few years ago when he gave his opinion on a TV news item that showed a U.S. soldier kill an unarmed and wounded Iraqi in a house. Even though the public was aghast at such an execution, Horn said that the soldier should be awarded a medal for bravery and the cameraman should be arrested and tried as a spy.
The other four members are almost identical in their views with Horn. When asked about their assessment on Blackwater’s coming to Potrero, the Board has refused to give a statement.

Realistically, it looks like Blackwater will be given the okay to come to Potrero by the Board of Supervisors. However, if the pressure from the public grows enough, even they may have to back down and consider the Blackwater move a political liability.

We know that the Bush administration’s "outrage" about Blackwater’s actions will be short-lived. Once the heat cools down, it will be business as usual. But, the people of a small town in southern California, who must live next to a mercenary camp and hear bombs exploding and bullets being fired 24 hours a day, will not allow Blackwater to come to their community without a fierce fight.


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:: We always mention the author and link the original site and page of every article.

* Huge hat-tip to regular reader, 'sweet old lady'.

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10 October 2007

Unity Resources Group: More Private Security 'Contractors' Kill Innocent Christian Civilian Women In Iraq

Seems to be a lot of this sort of stuff about, lately.


Setting the US stars & stripes alight, that is.

No bloody wonder.

Big bold brave, armed to the teeth, 'ass-kicking' arseholes of overfed & overpaid macho-men hiding behind masks -- wantonly murdering unarmed defenceless, Christian women civilians in Iraq.

Brazenly, in broad daylight and in front of witnesses -- because they believe that as ruthless mercenaries private security contractors they're untouchable. Both above and beyond the law - of any land.

Because they're ultimately employed (and being bunged US citizens' sweated & slaved for tax dollars), by George BushCo's good ole (personal) Uncle Sam.

The scumbags should choke on them.

In fact, we firmly believe that this world would be a far better place if the very next breath breathed by any of them - were their last.

We wonder if they're proud of themselves. We wonder if their mothers & fathers are. And we wonder if their wives, girlfriends, kids, sisters, brothers, friends & families, kith & kin, colleagues, neighbours, whoever, are too.

And we wonder something else as well.

We wonder if there's a single, solitary, honest US citizen - anywhere on earth - who still wastes time wondering & pondering -- 'Why do they hate us'?

Read this and weep, alongside so many civilized others.

BAGHDAD - Weeping mourners called for justice Wednesday at a funeral for two Armenian Christian women killed while driving in Baghdad — the second shooting of civilians involving a security firm linked to U.S. government-financed work in Iraq in less than a month.

The funeral Mass for Marou Awanis and Geneva Jalal, who died in Tuesday's shooting, was held at the Virgin Mary Church. Awanis' three daughters cried and other female relatives wailed over the caskets, adorned only with a golden cross.

Iraqi authorities blamed the deaths on guards working for UNITY RESOURCES GROUP, a security company owned by Australian partners but with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates.


Police said they collected 19 spent 5.56 mm shell casings, ammunition commonly used by U.S. and NATO forces and most Western security organizations. The pavement was stained with blood and covered with shattered glass.

Majid said the convoy raced away after the shooting. Iraqi police collected the bodies and towed the car.
"Raced" away, after the shooting, eh?

The sniveling, stinking shits. The soulless, scabby scumbags. The sheer, homo-sapien sewage.

Creeps. Cretins. Criminals. Callous, crazed cold blooded killers.

And, of course, cowards. Cowards with a capital 'C'.

Read on.

A second policeman, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he feared retribution, said the guards were masked and wore khaki uniforms. He said one left the vehicle and started to shoot at the car, while another opened fire from the open back door of an SUV.

Awanis' sister-in-law, Anahet Bougous, said the woman had been using her car to drive government employees to work to raise money for her three daughters after her husband died during heart surgery last year.

An Iraqi investigation of the Blackwater shooting on Sept. 16 was ordered by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and called for the company to pay $8 million in compensation to the families of each of the 17 victims. The commission also said Blackwater guards had killed 21 other Iraqis since it began protecting American diplomats.

Unity also has come under scrutiny before.

In March 2006, the company issued an statement of sympathy after one of its guards was blamed for shooting a 72-year-old Iraqi-born Australian, Kays Juma, at a Baghdad checkpoint.
If and/or when you return to the right frame of mind to read the rest of this soul destroying, brain-numbing, heartbreaking, horror report -
you'll find it right here.

For shame.

In the name of all that's Holy - and/or Unholy - when will the nightmare end?

Even the stones cry out.


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09 October 2007

How You Can Help The Needy Aged -- Richard Requires Writers ...

This Old Brit wants - nay, needs - some help.

Since while the spirit is certainly still willing -- what with all the researching, reading, writing and travelling we've been undertaking lately - things are starting to take their toll.

We've been hard at it now for around two & a half years -- all on our little old own.

And the truth is that right now -- in a word -- we're 'wilting'.

However, we know for a fact that many members of our 'rag-tag-army' of regular readers, are bloggers in their own right - and bloody good bloggers to boot.

Also, neither we nor anyone else can have failed to notice that there are some pretty good commentators-cum-communicators (and researchers), who regularly help hold this old place's pages together through their valued contributions via the comments section.

Not to mention the many loyal regulars who we know (for sure), simply keep coming, reading then going again -- 'silently', so to speak.

Look, if the likes of us can do it -- then surely anyone can. And/or if any help (that we're able to offer), is ever needed -- then it's yours simply for the asking.

Soooooo ...

If anyone wants to 'give-it-go' and put together a guest-piece (or two or three or more), for publishing on our pages -- then what the hell are you waiting for?

We want to hear from you.

Really. Honestly. Sincerely.

Reach us in the first instance by email at ... thisoldbrit at gmail dot com

We can't wait to hear from you -- literally.


08 October 2007

As Kurd Terrorists Continue Killing Turks -- Whither Turkey's Trusted American Ally?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Terrorist gang kills 15 soldiers as Turkey mulls new measures

"Our struggle against terrorism will continue in a different manner," Erdoğan says [as] President Gül meets Erdoğan and Chief of General Staff Gen. Büyükanıt at a security summit

Turkish officials Monday pondered fresh measures to tackle the separatist
Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)
gang after recent terrorist attacks killed 15 soldiers, stepping up pressure for tougher government action.

Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Çicek said after a cabinet meeting that Ankara was weighing “all possible measures” against the PKK, including a cross-border operation into neighboring northern Iraq, where the terrorists have long taken refuge despite repeated Turkish warnings.

So, once again the officially designated (by the USA, UK, EU and others), Kurdish terrorist organisation operating (apparently with impunity) out of Iraq, has murdered (13) more young Turkish troops.

So, what to do?

What to do indeed. Especially when those self same terrorists are - just like
Turkey - America's 'friends'. And yes, you read that right - America is this bunch of bloody terrorists' friend -- not foe.

Which begs several serious questions.

Such as:

Does the United States honestly think that the Turkish people should simply STFU and suffer in silence, some more?

That they should swallow some more of the shit they've been (serially), served in the form of broken promise after broken promise by their (alleged) best buddy - good ole Christian and supposedly God fearing, America?

That they should bite a bit harder on the bloody bullet? Refrain from rocking the BushCo boat? Get over it? Move on? Carry on cowering? Continue to kow-tow? Settle for the the same old, same old, succumb, submit, surrender, suck up and shut up US dictum - or else?

Or what?

With friends like this US maladministration's crooked cabal crew's (close to capsizing), 'ship of fools state' in tow -- WTF needs any enemies?


We wonder. Does America really believe that Turkey's (powerful and popular), group of grandee generals are genuinely uber-gullible? Gormless? Goofs? Goons? Gonzos?

That all Turkish politicians (to a man), are complete prize plonkers? Prats? Morons? Idiots? Imbeciles? Dimwits? Dunces? And so on?

That the regular Turk in the street is as stupid as so many of it's own bewildered & befuddled, Bible-belt, good-book-thumping buffoons, backward back-woods-men and stupefyingly silly, assorted hicks and hill-billies?

And/or that the proud, tried & tested (time after time), Turkish nation's people's patience is limitless?

If so, it certainly seems to us that in this instance the US is super-sadly mistaken.

For now though, we'd won't say any more re; our personal opinions on this score, since we're sure we've already cussed, cursed and sworn sufficiently -- recently at any rate.

So read for yourself one of today's relevant reports from Turkey's mainstream (online) media.

Then perhaps you'd like to tell us how you see it.

And/or what you think.

And maybe what, in your own opinion, should happen next.

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07 October 2007

What Bush-Blair-Co Didn't Bother Saying About So Called 'Victory' Over Terrorism, In Ireland ...

The Ulster Defence Association.

The US military bombing the 'Emerald Isle'?

Bush-Blair-Co's freedom & democracy spreading 'Christian Soldiers' invading and occupying Ireland?

Fighting 'em over there so they don't have to fight 'em over ... where?

Waging 'The War on Terror' just across the Atlantic?

Nawrh, never. No way. Not possible.

So ...

... small wonder the dynamic duo couldn't wouldn't say all they should have, about another of their famous (though entirely erroneously), claimed victories over designated 'evil doers'.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you today by way of the good old boys at the BBC ... so we do ... beejeebers & begorrah ...

UDA adamant despite cash threat

The UDA has been under pressure to disarm

The Ulster Defence Association has confirmed it is sticking to its own timetable on getting rid of its weapons, despite a Tuesday deadline.

... some 13 years after the ceasefires, and we have not yet seen a start to getting rid of its arms and arsenal."

Well, we sorta suspected so.

Read the rest of this rather revealing report, right here.

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06 October 2007

Re:Haditha, Oliver Stone, Abu Grahib, My Lai Massacre And Mass Murderer William Calley Alive And Well In Atlanta ...

Anyone here from Atlanta, Georgia?

Have you seen and/or do you recognise and/or know this (lame excuse for a) man?

He's a cretin called Calley and he's shown above as he is today.

Remember the rat?

With bayonet fixed, the young platoon leader instructed his men to round up everyone, regardless of their age or sex, and herd them into a partially filled, 5ft-deep irrigation ditch. "Take care of these people!" he barked.

Those five words lit the fuse for a massacre. If there was any ambiguity in their meaning, the platoon leader removed it by bludgeoning an old man into the ditch with his rifle-butt, then machine-gunning him and at least 21 others as they cowered beside him.

Over the next five hours babies were bayonetted, teenage girls were raped or forced to their knees to perform sex acts before being mutilated and killed - and their watching parents and grandparents were summarily shot as they begged for mercy.

... a day that far overshadows the brutality at Abu Ghraib prison and the killing of 24 civilians by U.S. Marines in Haditha in western Iraq.

Ringing any bells yet?

Yea or nay, read on.

Of course, many Americans would prefer not to remember My Lai at all. They want to draw a veil over this most shocking episode in the humiliating, decade-long fiasco that was the Vietnam War.

Their collective amnesia was never stronger than it is today, when young servicemen are once again dying on foreign soil, for a similarly ill-defined - and seemingly unwinnable - cause.

But arch-liberal film-maker Oliver Stone is determined that the savagery to which some American soldiers lowered themselves in Vietnam must never be forgotten -- [See Pinkville].

He believes that now, more than ever, the White House hawks need to learn from the past.

Sadly, however, William Calley - who has never demonstrated the slightest desire to make his peace with the Vietnamese people - was not even willing to discuss it this week.

Unless, of course, he received a fat fee.

"Meet me in the lobby of the nearest bank at opening time tomorrow, and give me a certified cheque for $25,000, then I'll talk to you for precisely one hour," he drawled nauseatingly.

When we showed up at the appointed hour, armed not with a cheque but a list of pertinent questions, Calley scuttled away from the line of fire. It was an option the man who led the My Lai Massacre never afforded to his innocent victims.

Read the rest of this damning 'Daily Mail' story.

In fact, read, learn, inwardly digest and remember.

Always, remember.

* See also our earlier (March anniversary), piece on My Lai.

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05 October 2007

George Dumbya Bush Blathers About "The Presidency" -- For Dummies ...

(Alleged) United States President and Commander in Chief of America's mighty military machine, G.W. Bush, spoke at Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the J Group in Lancaster, Pa., Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007.

We wish we'd been there watching -- and listening. So long as we'd had an interpreter sat beside us of course.

You know, to help us understand some of the stupid shit said simpleton spouted.

Such as:

... when you give a man more money in his pocket _ in this case, a woman _ more money in her pocket to expand a business, they build new buildings. And when somebody builds a new building, somebody has got to come and build the building. "And when the building expanded, it prevented (sic) additional opportunities for people to work.

I always tell Condi Rice, `I want to remind you, Madam Secretary, who has the Ph.D. and who was the C student. And I want to remind you who the adviser is and who the president is.'

"I got a lot of Ph.D.-types and smart people around me who come into the Oval Office and say, `Mr. President, here's what's on my mind.' And I listen carefully to their advice. But having gathered the device (sic), I decide, you know, I say, `This is what we're going to do.'

"I'll be glad to answer some questions from you if you got any," he said. "If not, I can keep on blowing hot air until the time runs out."

"I'm not quite through," he said near the end. "And it's a long answer, I'm sorry. It's called filibustering." After one answer about American views of the Iraq war, Bush said sheepishly: "I think that was your question, wasn't it? The answer was so long I lost track."

"When you're getting over 60, sometimes your mind slips," said Bush, who is 61.

Finally, he decided he had said enough.

"And I got to go, I hate to tell you. You're paying me too much money to be sitting here talking."
Thanks to Associated Press writer/reporter DEB RIECHMANN you can read all about it over at The Huffington Post.

And don't forget that Dumbya has constantly spewed similar sorts of nonsensical stuff - since almost day one.

Remember any of these horrendous howlers?

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