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08 October 2007

As Kurd Terrorists Continue Killing Turks -- Whither Turkey's Trusted American Ally?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Terrorist gang kills 15 soldiers as Turkey mulls new measures

"Our struggle against terrorism will continue in a different manner," Erdoğan says [as] President Gül meets Erdoğan and Chief of General Staff Gen. Büyükanıt at a security summit

Turkish officials Monday pondered fresh measures to tackle the separatist
Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)
gang after recent terrorist attacks killed 15 soldiers, stepping up pressure for tougher government action.

Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Çicek said after a cabinet meeting that Ankara was weighing “all possible measures” against the PKK, including a cross-border operation into neighboring northern Iraq, where the terrorists have long taken refuge despite repeated Turkish warnings.

So, once again the officially designated (by the USA, UK, EU and others), Kurdish terrorist organisation operating (apparently with impunity) out of Iraq, has murdered (13) more young Turkish troops.

So, what to do?

What to do indeed. Especially when those self same terrorists are - just like
Turkey - America's 'friends'. And yes, you read that right - America is this bunch of bloody terrorists' friend -- not foe.

Which begs several serious questions.

Such as:

Does the United States honestly think that the Turkish people should simply STFU and suffer in silence, some more?

That they should swallow some more of the shit they've been (serially), served in the form of broken promise after broken promise by their (alleged) best buddy - good ole Christian and supposedly God fearing, America?

That they should bite a bit harder on the bloody bullet? Refrain from rocking the BushCo boat? Get over it? Move on? Carry on cowering? Continue to kow-tow? Settle for the the same old, same old, succumb, submit, surrender, suck up and shut up US dictum - or else?

Or what?

With friends like this US maladministration's crooked cabal crew's (close to capsizing), 'ship of fools state' in tow -- WTF needs any enemies?


We wonder. Does America really believe that Turkey's (powerful and popular), group of grandee generals are genuinely uber-gullible? Gormless? Goofs? Goons? Gonzos?

That all Turkish politicians (to a man), are complete prize plonkers? Prats? Morons? Idiots? Imbeciles? Dimwits? Dunces? And so on?

That the regular Turk in the street is as stupid as so many of it's own bewildered & befuddled, Bible-belt, good-book-thumping buffoons, backward back-woods-men and stupefyingly silly, assorted hicks and hill-billies?

And/or that the proud, tried & tested (time after time), Turkish nation's people's patience is limitless?

If so, it certainly seems to us that in this instance the US is super-sadly mistaken.

For now though, we'd won't say any more re; our personal opinions on this score, since we're sure we've already cussed, cursed and sworn sufficiently -- recently at any rate.

So read for yourself one of today's relevant reports from Turkey's mainstream (online) media.

Then perhaps you'd like to tell us how you see it.

And/or what you think.

And maybe what, in your own opinion, should happen next.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

dumb muslims ---- let em all kill each other ---- who cares --- i wont miss em

10:54 pm  
Anonymous bootlian said...

I've got a hunch that as far as a "different manner" or "different ways" goes, Israel may be among the first to find out. At least, the Israeli airforce.

Watch this (air)space.


Oh, just one more thing - anonymous - on yer bike!

12:09 am  
Anonymous Peter England said...

bootlian, you mean like 'an exclusion zone'? If so, that would hurt others as much as Israel - like their big buddies the US.

Heh, I 'get it'. I can't wait to see what else might be brewing.
(I know Turkey too. We holiday there most years. Paradise!)

12:10 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Aha! The plot thickens. Lookee here.

Turkey "warns" America - watch it friends - or you may find problems with your military bases here.

3:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to attention, Old Brit. It's very helpful in trying to decipher what's taking place in the Kurdish region.

--Charles of Mercury Rising

4:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old Brit:

You're like a breatth of fresh air. You keep coming up with so much great stuff.

As an aside, I can't understand why you [and some of your astute and knowledgable commentors] aren't read more widely and don't rate much higher in Technorati rankings.

Nonetheless, Old Brit ~ keep it coming ~ you won't alway be be "ahead of the times." The rest will eventually catch up with you. I'm sure of it.

4:55 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

And now, here's something else the US isn't going to like. But what realisticly can the US do? Europe won't stand for any real US retaliation against Turkey, no matter how much America might like to believe it will.

Turkey threatens Iraq border raid

Turkey's prime minister has given the go-ahead for a possible cross-border military operation in northern Iraq to hunt Kurdish separatists.

More details here.

5:27 pm  
Anonymous anatolian said...

Turkish peoples patiance do have limit.

5:37 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Good to see you today Richard...
About turkey...funny thing...the media here is not humping it at all....and I think that it is because that Iran is not getting the Excitement or interest that the WH wants, or has demanded....because Bush wants to go stomping and swaggering into Iran and the people are not buying for Enigma 's theory...because Iran is not getting the Shock and Awe "oh We are Scared" fire that Bushco wants ....they have not started humping Turkey here with any great fervor...( I know I should not use the hump word- but there is no other term that suits the situation so perfectly...and considering what the Media has become here..)

You did the best coverage of it that I have seen today.....I read the foriegn papers- but most americans don't they watch CNN ( groan....) and so they KNOW nothing...and they care even less...and that is what worries me..that they are not paying attention..and not listening and NOT Thinking...
and that means Bushco can do anything they is so dangerous...

Thank you for blogging it- it was on my radar- but I liked coming here to learn more and believe me- none of it is coming off my radar..

And yes, I well realize that I may not be a good American anymore...and that my future may not even be here...that this country has changed too much...and that there is a point of no return...

keep blogging it..thank you for all that you do...


10:41 pm  
Blogger bamboo said...

You are all misinformed. The story has many sides. The PKK is seen in many different points of views. Old brit's just a bitter Bush hater. Try and look at things from ALL points of views. Understanding is needed at these times. Everything has its good and its bads. Ignorance is not always bliss.

2:25 am  

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