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01 October 2007

The Final Boring Turkish Bit ...

Well, the final one here at any rate.

We eventually managed to cobble together an album of sorts over at the other blog:'This Old Brit Proudly Presents'.

So, now we can bore you over there so we don't have to bore you over here -- if you get the gist.

You'll soon get the hang of it, we're sure.

Here's the magic album page.

When you get there, click on any pics to enlarge. Then, click 'note' symbols to comment, question, moan, groan or whatever.

But, definitely don't bother bothering us with any begging letters, purleeze.

Those buggers never once worked for us -- not anywhere -- not ever -- in spite of all our time, trouble and efforts -- over many damned (unproductive), decades.

Anyway, 'over there', we'll happily answer any questions that we can.

Honest. Promise.

Also, we'll be adding more photos as & when we can -- whether you like it or not.




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