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23 September 2007

Third T.O.B. Turkish Report ...


All apologies/excuses/etcetera edition.

I know, I know -- inspite of several promises ther are still no pictures posted.

But don't blame me, blame the bloody camera/puter smart-card reader.

I finally figured out that finding my way around my brother's lap top photo reader/loading/set up, et al is far too high falootingly advanced and technically smart for oldie like me and my ancient (and most probably, prototype), digital camera.

However, don't think that that's going to spare you being bored almost to death once I'm back home in a couple of days.

And another thing, have the hell would you cope using the Turkish language edition of Blogger?

While everything blogging & publishing comes almost as second nature when using the English version, it suddenly becomes as confusing as double-Dutch when all appearing on screen entirely in Turkish.

To tell the truth, the only times I've even sat at the PC since arriving here a fortnight ago is to make the very few blog posts that I have.

And what's more, I've been so out of any & all so called civilised 'loops' that I've not even read a single newspaper either - neither print nor online version.

Nor have I heard a radio, nor watched TV -- that is apart from a five minute snatch of a Bush flunky interview over here ( in the capital Ankara), the other day.

But that's a tale all of it's own -- best told in full, from home.

However, here's a clue; Iran.

Bye for now. Be good.

Normal service SHALL be resumed -- SOON.

And you can quite safely bet the farm on it. Believe me.



Blogger Twilight said...

Goodness me - is it already nearly two weeks since you left?

Hope you have an uneventful journey home and look forward to your pics and stories.

.....Just off to the betting shop now, farm under me arm. :-)

12:55 am  
Anonymous Griffon said...

HI Richard
Wish I was there, ..... sorta.

Here's an old but very central subject revisited - the Kirkuk to Haifa pipeline-
Haifa Pipeline
Lots more links there, too.

Everytime the old Mossul/Haifa pipeline is mentioned it is described as defunk or closed down.
However, one of Gor's Guides described it a couple of years ago as quite functional. My guess it that it has been in operation for some time and keeping the Israeli economy afloat.
It is the economic demise that threatens Israel not any military opponent.

12:58 am  

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