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06 September 2007

Finale: Luciano Pavarotti Passes ...

The way things have been going around here recently one could be forgiven for thinking this was becoming a bit of an 'Obituary Blog'.

Luciano (Lucky) Pavarotti, the man who brought opera to the masses - though perhaps it would be more precise to say this marvelous man brought the masses to opera - has sadly bid his millions of fans worldwide, his final farewell.

His long running battle against pancreatic cancer is over; the maestro's pain is no more;for Luciano, the curtain's fallen for the last time. The final, finale is finished.

To do proper justice to this mountain of a man and his magnificent (almost magical), musical talent and career would take us however long it takes to write a book;a bumper, big thick book to boot.

So, we'll simply leave you to look at, listen to and enjoy this lovely little video of the master himself with two of his bestest tenor buddies, Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo - as the tremendously talented trio take delight in delighting their audience with their super rendition of 'O Solo Mio'.

Bravo! Bravo, boys! Bravo!

Incidentally, we can't help but think that a king called Elvis would have enjoyed this enormously.

Remember the huge hit he had with 'It's Now or Never'?



Blogger Twilight said...

That's a very nice tribute, Richard.

The great man has left us all a legacy - for that we can be truly thankful!

I talked about opera in my own blog today, and had posted it before I read about this sad event, so it's good to be able to add my name here.

12:22 am  
Anonymous phil said...

He certainly did help bring the masses to opera - as did Jose Carreras, who fought his own long hard battle against cancer - and thankfully seems to be clear, or at least in long remission.

Placido Domingo did more than his share of reaching out and inviting into the world of opera, the genearl public. That's actually who hooked me - when he amazed many people by coming out of a theatre to sing live to people on the pavement. It was amazing. I can only remember it wa in London - not which theatre.

Anyway, RIP Luciano Pavarotti, singer, showman, larger than life personality, and from what I've heard he did lots for aspiring operatic hopefuls - for free.

3:29 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

I watched him deteriorate over the last few years. It saddened me so much to see how, as time went on, he had to wear more and more stage make up to try to hide the eveidence of the ravages of that awful disease. The last time I watched him they had a sort of narrow legged stool semi hidden behind him (his tails), and he was actually sitting while singing.

A dedicated pro almost to the very bitter end ' no matter the pain and superhuman effort -- the show went on. Untill it became impossible of course.

He'll be missed.

11:03 am  

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