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05 September 2007

Olbermann On Bush And Iraq: People Are Still Dying Because Bush Is Still Lying

Yet again, thanks to MSNBC and Keith Olbermann, American patriot par excellence, the awful truth is told.

Men, women and children in Iraq are still dying daily -- because George W. Bush is still lying daily.

We repeat: George W. Bush continues to lie.

And we add: George W. Bush can't stop lying -- straight through the teeth of his silver-spoon-fed, orifice.


So what should Americans do?

What should anyone do?

What can anyone do?

We wonder; what say you?

Wasn't there once something called 'The Constitution'?

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Anonymous Rex said...


That Keith Olbermann is more than just a patriot;he's a realy hero. And a very brave one to boot.

2:43 pm  
Blogger Twilight said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for an opportunity to see that. I'm a Brit who now lives in the USA (married to an American),waiting on citizenship.

Keith Olbermann deserves a medal!

As the weeks go by I am more and more aghast at what passes for politics here.

Yes, there is a Constitution, and it is held in great esteem by most ordinary Americans - but their current President thinks (in his own words) that "it's just a piece of paper". That is the root of it all.

3:40 pm  
Blogger Moon Rattled said...

Something is deeply deeply wrong with a political system that allows a president like Bush to continue on ad nauseum until his wretched term is over. Nobody but the wingnuts like or support him anymore. His popularity is down to zilch, so why is he allowed to continue? The system needs a mechanism to rid itself of tyrants and idiots and Bush is both.

Btw, Pilger's wonderful documentary is available on YouTube in its entirety. The Internet is democracy in action.

8:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these brilliant links you guys.

Olbermann is brilliant -- and Pilger is brilliant.

Like I said, thanks to all concerned.

9:54 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

I could not agree more with everything each commentor has said.

Not forgetting Keith Olbermann of course. Who, incidentally, I grow more worried about each time he speaks truth to power. These people play dirty ~ and for keeps.

12:33 am  

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