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30 August 2007

Iraq: Deadly Cholera 'Attack' ...

As if Iraq wasn't already (as near as damn it), a living hell on earth for each and every one of the the sorry souls presently sinking fast in the quagmire that country's become -- no matter which side, nor whatever cause said sorry souls are fighting for. Eh?

Remind us again, if you can, what was it that Donald Rumsfeld once (so sneeringly), said "happens"?

No matter, now. It's not important, now.

But believe us, this is something that is important now. As a matter of fact, this is a matter of life and death. Quite literally. Yet another one.

Deadly cholera outbreak in Iraq

An outbreak of cholera in two northern Iraqi provinces has killed eight people and infected 80 others, the Kurdistan Regional Government has said.

Kurdish Health Minister Zeryan Othman said local health authorities were also treating 4,250 suspected cases of the disease in Sulaimaniya and Tamim.

A report by the UK-based charity, Oxfam, and the NGO Co-ordination Committee in Iraq (NCCI) last month warned that 70% of Iraq's population did not have adequate water supplies and that only 20% had access to effective sanitation.

The minister said 2,350 people were also suffering from diarrhoea in Sulaimaniya and a further 2,000 in Tamim.
Read the relevant report from the BBC.

Weapons of mass destruction, anyone? Invisible insurgents? Enemies within? Maybe even elephants in living rooms, eh?

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Blogger Ziem said...

It's get more and more embarrassing to be an American every day.

3:35 am  
Anonymous Tazmanian said...

But surely the Eye Rackies are some of those strange brown skinned people aren't they?
Who in their right mind would confess to being an American? An embarrassed one or otherwise.
I think it's high time the North American continent was cut adrift and allowed to float far away across the Atlantic.

4:45 pm  
Blogger Ziem said...

Taz, not all Americans agree or support this corrupt and evil government. Not all of us are racists and the holier than thou types.

Though I have moments when your cut and adrift idea might not be a bad one. Democracy is a failed experiment here.

6:03 pm  

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