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19 August 2007

Israel's Shameful Indifference Toward Some Special Old Israelis ...

Bloody brilliant isn't it?

Same old, same old as far as the wealth gap goes. The rich get richer at the expense of the poor who get poorer still.

The government of Israel, like the government of the United States and the government of the United Kingdom, has plenty of dosh to dish out so long as it's in the direction of and for the benefit of, certain selected sectors of their respective citizens.

And the government of Israel, just like the governments of both the United States and the United Kingdom definitely do not deem some of the most deserving (and vulnerable), members of their so called civilized societies worthy of (completely affordable), special support -- no matter how dire their present predicaments, nor no matter the urgency of their needs.

Shown above is sick old Leopold Rosen.

Holocaust victims living in poverty

By Jacky Rowland

The Israeli government has been criticised for "severe shortcomings" in its treatment of elderly holocaust survivors.

A report from the state comptroller's office blamed red tape for preventing effective assistance being provided and urged action to help the ageing victims.

Leopold Rosen measures the world by the pipe that connects him to his oxygen machine. He suffers from several chest complaints dating back to when he hid from the Nazis in a forest in Poland.

The German government pays him compensation every month and he gets a small pension from Israel, but he can barely pay for both his drugs and his food.

"I was born of the 5th of June, 1922. Do I have time to wait for help from the government? There are a lot of people in the same position. They don't have time to wait," he told Al Jazeera.

Holocaust survivors have been trying to embarrass the Israeli government into action.

At a recent event, protesters wore symbols from the Nazi-era to drive home their point.

There are about one quarter of a million Holocaust survivors in Israel and official figures say that one in three of them live below the poverty line.

We think that last sentence is worth repeating -- so repeat it we will.
There are about one quarter of a million Holocaust survivors in Israel and official figures say that one in three of them live below the poverty line.
Read the remainder of this shameful story right here.

Then read this closely related report by 'The Jewish Chronicle', published earlier on this year.

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Anonymous alan ball said...

Proof once again [if it were needed] that hypocracy knows no borders ... be they national, political, racial, religious or class.

The 'haves' intend to keep ... and to endlessly accumulate ... in whatever ways they can ... what ever cost to who ever ... especially the 'have nots' since they're the easiest 'prey'.

10:47 pm  
Anonymous rufus g said...

I've never understood why most Americans (who happen to be of Jewish origin) blindly back Israel 100% no matter what it (or at least it's governemts) do.

Israel itself doesn't back Jews 100% - not if it considers them 'lesser' Israelis.

The irony is that Israel actually treats many Jews worsae than they'd be treated elsewhere in the world.

When will American Jews wake up to this fact? By which I mean that the fact is, that if they're just the regular Jew in America they're being USED by their big-bucks 'brothers'.

If American Jews woke up to this fact - and were honest enough to admit they'd been wrong about so many things Israeli - the mid-east 'crisis' would have been solved YEARS AGO.

And many needless dead would still be alive. Jeeze. As if enough Jews weren't already victims of coniving politicians and their gullible (well meaning?) supporters almost everywhere in the world.

In closing, I don't see how the hell any Jew whose nationality is anything but Israeli can in all honour blindly accept ANY of the absolute SHIT that's been serially fed to them (by power and money hungry) crooks.

Brits raise hell when they think their governments are wrong. Many Americans (including Jews) are raising hell because they know their government's wrong -- but no Jew DARE say anything about any Israeli government -- for fear of being labeled "self hating" or "self despising". What a con.

When will JEWS wake up and take a good long, hard look at what really happens in Israel, and has been for years? Jews everywhere should ENSURE by whatever means possible that ALL JEWS are treated equally by Israel.

(/rant ... for now)

4:00 pm  

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