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07 August 2007

G.W. Bush: Support Sinks To Record Low ...

According to AP, earlier today:

Bush Down To His Base Of Support

By Deb Riechmann -- Associated Press Writer


To see the type of person who still backs him, President Bush need only look in the mirror.

Hammered by bad news in Iraq, congressional investigations and recent failed domestic initiatives such as immigration reform, Bush's job approval rating has spiraled to record lows for his presidency.

Since we're sure you can't wait to learn more, we won't waste any more time.

Here's the link - so hit it.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes that George Bush is really running America is as blind as he is. He enjoys the role he's been given to play - relishes it even - but the truth is that America is now the Corporation States of America. A wholly owned subsiduary of big business - and apart from their own military there's absolutely NOBODY strong enough to oust these invisible occupiers.

How the hell can the US people pretend to be able to help other countries when they can't even help themselves.

George Bush is NOT the problem - he's nothing more than a highly visible 'decoy'. While people vent their spleens against him, those in charge continue to tighten their strangelhold. The longer this continues unchecked the more dificult it becomes to ferret out the hijackers of American democracy and bring them to justice - then replace them good & honest men who will rule in the best interests of ALL US citizens.

Unfortunately, until the people want the current state of affairs ended MORE than the crooks want it to continue - there's no hope of improvement even under a Democratic Party. They are already bought and paid for too.

8:10 am  
Anonymous xxx said...

Does anyone think Bushco is worried? With black-box electronic vote counting? Ha, ha. No way, Jose!

4:46 pm  
Anonymous anotheranon said...

What a picture. A dry drunk if I ever saw one. Behold - the ravages of the demon.

4:56 pm  

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