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04 August 2007

70,000 US Bridges Suspect - Including Brooklyn Bridge ...

Here's a clip from the UK's 'Independent'.
In New York City, attention was focused on the Brooklyn Bridge," which recently failed a state safety test. Engineers said the problems were for the moment concentrated on approach ramps from both the Manhattan and Brooklyn sides. A refurbishment of the span is planned for 2010.
Recently failed a safety test, eh?

A 'refurbishment' is 'planned', eh?

Set to start sometime in 2010, then?

That's in three years time, eh?

Oh, goody. Great. That's that sorted then.

Eh? Ya think?

Providing said ancient structure's still standing of course.

In the meantime, rather 'they' have to use it than 'we' have to use it.

Amazing, ain't it?

This abysmal American Maladministration apparently has all the money in the world available when it comes to waging wars, but as for spending tax dollars at home to properly maintain it's homeland interests and keeping it's citizens out of harm's way - well, that's another story.

But it's not just a suspect Brooklyn Bridge that we'd be seriously wary of crossing - oh, no - not by a long chalk.

Here's another 'Independent' clip.
Federal officials have admitted that as many as 70,000 bridges across the US had recently been rated "structurally deficient", the same designation given to the span that catastrophically failed during rush hour on Wednesday, sending scores of vehicles and their passengers plummeting 60ft.
Yep, you read that right -- 70,000 -- we repeat -- SEVENTY THOUSAND US bridges have been officially declared "structurally deficient".

Heh. 'Structurally deficient', eh? As was THIS one in Minneapolis, eh?

Still, we suppose it certainly sounds a billion times better than simply saying straight out that they're downright, damned dangerous, doesn't it Dubya?

So, we were wondering Mr President, what do you suggest everyone does now?

Bring 'em on?

Move on?

Get over
it them?

Well, we know what we think.

BushCo would be best advised to start waging a 'war on rot'. Beginning in his own back yard, so to speak. If only for the sake/safety of his fellow Americans.

Read the rest of today's 'Independent's (alarmingly), revealing report on America's current, clear and present danger(s).

'The enemy within' - anyone?

Huh. Heck of a job, George.


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Anonymous Rex said...

Why worry about terrorists? All they need do is sit back and watch while America is imploding under Bush.

What's not falling apart is either in hock to China or owned by Arabs.

5:31 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...


It's WORSE than that. It's more like 77,000.

9:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The place is rotten to the core. Figuratively and literally.

11:05 pm  

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