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27 July 2007

Gordon Brown To Meet George Bush At Camp David ...

So Gordon and George are going to get together at Camp David, eh?

Oh, to be a fly on the wall, eh?

Here's what today's Guardian has to say on the subject.

Brown to meet Bush at Camp David

Matthew Tempest, political correspondent
Thursday July 26, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

Gordon Brown will meet the US president, George Bush, for their first formal face-to-face summit at the weekend.

The prime minister will see Mr Bush at the presidential retreat of Camp David in Maryland on Sunday night, before heading to New York to give an address to the United Nations.


Two weeks ago one of Mr Brown's most trusted proteges, the trade and development secretary, Douglas Alexander, made a speech in Washington pointedly calling for the US to "recognise the importance of a rules-based international system".

"We need to demonstrate by our deeds, words and our actions that we are internationalist, not isolationist, multilateralist, not unilateralist, active and not passive, and driven by core values, consistently applied, not special interests," he said.

In addition, Mr Brown has appointed the former deputy UN general secretary and Iraq war-sceptic, Mark Malloch Brown to his foreign affairs team.

Lord Malloch-Brown has described himself as "proud to be an anti-neo con" ...
Read the rest of the report right here.

Then, be sure to see this Comment Is Free section 'special'. And make sure you have your own say too.

What do you think Brown and Bush will say to each other?

What do you think other (regular), regular Guardian readers have already said?

And maybe more importantly, what would you want them to say?

Get your own two cents worth in, through this the link.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I doubt Reiver will do the puppy roll, but let's not forget he's another neocon Trojan Horse in New 'Labour', the same as Bliar proved to be. While I'm sure Bush will have Reiver's full immoral support, he'll probably find it hard to extract any financial help for the war from the fiscally constipated Brown.
Incidentally, a few paltry million for flood relief, a National Health Service down the drain, pensioners living below the poverty line, but enough dosh from Brown's 'slush fund' to afford £7.7 BILLION for two new aircraft carriers:

Is it just me?

That's my thruppence worth!

7:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry! That was me; sweetoldlady.

Just goes to show how mad these warmongering bastards make me!


7:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GW will probly say sompin like "Hey there big fella, Damn! Ah forgit how big you was! You dont mind if ah calls you Gordi do yuh? Huh huh. It ain't gonna be the same widout Tone aroun'....can ah git you sompin to drink, glass of water or a know we dont take to drinkin' 'roun here. Sit down! Make yerseff comfort there, 'cause ahm gonna tell you how it's gonna go......."

Gordon: "I say, quite the place you have here, when did you last decorate. Can't wait for the wife to see this. Well, quite then, I will have a seat. Thankyou. Long flight you know. Not even a little sherry? (Hmmmm...perhaps there's something in my bag) Do you mean this evening?...what do you mean "gonna go" sir?

7:01 pm  

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