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20 July 2007

Dirty Dick Cheney To Take Charge ...

Bush to cede power to VP during colonoscopy

Okay, first have your laugh at the bum's expense.

Then when you're all done giggling ... read the relevant report.

Can you imagine how much worse things COULD be? If?

Understand what we're saying?

Phew. Perish the thought.

So, get well soon, Dubya. Real soon.

(Jeeze. Who thought they'd ever see us write something like that last line?)


Anonymous Catherine D. said...

With luck, the sheer anticipatory joy will burn out the evil bastard's pacemaker - preferably before he bombs Iran ...

8:02 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

If only ..................

Btw, who comes next in line after dirty Dick?

8:20 pm  
Anonymous Catherine D. said...

If Chimpy and Dirty Dick both crap out, Nancy Pelosi takes over. (Unless, of course, Roberts, Alito, Scalia, et al, declare martial law, in which case I head for the Canadian border.)

10:00 pm  
Anonymous xxx said...

You know - this REALLY worries me. NOTHING is beyond Cheney. God knows how much damage-mischief he could cause even if only running the country for a few hours. He's obviously had plans in place since day one for just such an occasion.

9:37 am  
Blogger Buttermilk Sky said...

Why did they bother? Everybody knows Cheney has been the real "decider" since the day they were appointed -- I mean, elected. As Philip Roth put it, "George Bush isn't fit to run a hardware store, much less a country like this one." His head is so far up his colon, he probably smiled for the camera.

7:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope it really, really hurt.

3:18 pm  

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