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14 July 2007

UK-US Special Relationship; Recent Surprising Revelations ...

By jingo, Gordo, you've actually managed make us wonder whether there may be at least a tiny bit of truth in the slogan so prominently emblazoned across the background in your photo shown below.

When we initially learned that one of the first cabinet ministers you appointed was
Jack Straw, we thought 'hmm'.

Especially, since Straw was so unceremoniously sacked by your
pathetic predecessor, Blair - widely believed, btw, to have been at the behest of his best bosom buddy, Dumbya - so soon after Condoleezza Rice came calling on Jack.

And, so soon after she reported to her master how she absolutely couldn't believe the massive number of Muslims in his parliamentary constituency.

Incidentally, can anyone enlighten us as to the current wheres, whats, whys and whens with regard to creepy Condi?

Regardless - preamble ends.

'Cut to the chase' time has come.

The subtle shift in British foreign policy

Analysis -- By Paul Reynolds

World Affairs correspondent BBC News website

A speech in Washington by the British cabinet minister Douglas Alexander is part of a distancing of the new British government from the Bush administration, but there will not be a decisive break.

There was another instance of the distancing on Saturday when a new foreign office minister Mark Malloch Brown, a critic of US policy when he was at the UN, said that the US and UK would no longer be "joined at the hip".

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown reacted by trying to stop the impression of a break with the US. Cabinet ministers have been reminded of the importance of the relationship.

However, it is difficult not to conclude that there is a change of atmosphere.
Read the rest of this report right here.

Then when you're done with that one, there's this one.

US and UK 'no longer inseparable'

Lord Malloch Brown wants a more impartial foreign policy

One of Gordon Brown's new ministers has said the UK and the United States would no longer be "joined at the hip" on foreign policy.

Lord Mark Malloch Brown told the Daily Telegraph it was time for a more "impartial" foreign policy and to build relationships with European leaders.

Some analysts may consider the Foreign Office minister's remarks evidence of Labour distancing itself from the US.

Earlier, Downing Street denied another minister had criticised the US.

International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander warned in a speech against unilateralism and called for an "internationalist approach" to global problems.

Lord Malloch Brown's newspaper interview was his first since being appointed Foreign Office minister.
See this full story for yourself.

Well, whadaya know?

And, whadaya think?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the delightful Condi was sitting next to the Vice-Thug, who was sitting next to the Thug-in-Chief when he gave his usual 'al Qaeda, terror, Sept 11' speech yesterday, presumably in Washington.

And I thought Bliar and his family were moving to Jerusalem? Instead of which, they seem to be annoying the bejeezus out of their new neighbours in Connaught Place, according to the 'Daily Mail'.


6:07 pm  
Anonymous Hydrocodone said...

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