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08 July 2007

The Self Deluding States Of America's Imagined Allies ...

The British 'Financial Times', famous for it's fabled ultra conservative stance and plain old fashioned (in fact, almost farcical) fuddy-duddyness, recently published an extremely revealing piece (complete with a graph that even the dumbest of dimwits ought, exceedingly easily, be able to grasp the general gist of), in which it released the remarkable results of a Harris Poll commissioned by itself.

See below for said Graph for Dummies.

So it seems those such as ourselves -- who've said for several years that Blair and some other EU leaders weren't truly representative of the majority of their citizenry; who they are invariably imagined (although now self evidently, erroneously) to honestly represent -- have been right all along.

See this small F.T. snippet.

Europeans see US as threat to peace

By Daniel Dombey and Stanley Pignal in London

Published: July 2007

Europeans consistently regard the US as the biggest threat to world stability, a new poll reveals on Monday.

A survey carried out in June by Harris Research for the Financial Times shows that 32 per cent of respondents in five European countries regard the US as a bigger threat than any other state.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. Unless, of course, you reside in the U.S. as opposed to the 'real world'.

See some more.

The poll shows that the European public still considers Mr Bush a risk.

“It is evidence of the continued estrangement between the European public and the Bush administration, in spite of a real improvement in official ties,” said Ron Asmus, head of the Brussels office of the German Marshall Fund, which works to bolster transatlantic ties.

“It is proof that the next president will be confronted with the major challenge of improving America’s image abroad, starting with Europe and our main allies.”

Inhabitants of Spain are most concerned about the US, with 46 per cent of respondents naming America as the biggest threat.

Read the rest of the report right here.

And incidentally, please accept abject apologies for not highlighting this earlier - but believe us, we've been more than a tiny bit busy. And that's the story we're sticking to.

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Blogger shanen said...

Hmm... Not sure I should comment in what sounds like a critical way on the blog entry, but I don't think it's true that America's friends are imaginary. On the national level, I do think that America the nation has a number of true friends among the other nations.

On the other hand, Dubya has lots of imaginary friends of every sort. Some of them are friends that have no existence in reality, such as Dubya's imaginary friend of 'secular pro-American democracy in Iraq'. However, most of them are just people who are *NOT* really Dubya's friends, but who Dubya just imagines to be his friends. That list starts with the obvious candidates like Putin and the leaders of China and the neocons and the neo-GOP people and various other Busheviks around the world who pretend to support Dubya for various secret reasons. For an example of secret reasons, American racists seem clearly united behind Dubya and claim to be his friend--but many of them understand the need for discretion about revealing the truth about their beliefs.

However, I think the long list of Dubya's imagined friends has a number of surprises on it. For example, I think Cheney is on that list of Dubya's imaginary friends. Either that, or he really has become so insane that he has no awareness of reality. Certainly the Dick Cheney is no longer acting on behalf of the Constitution or to help America or in any way that is going to leave a positive legacy behind the Dubya he claims to be helping. With friends like Cheney, Dubya doesn't need (more) enemies.

8:57 pm  
Anonymous bootlian said...

Shanen, I think you'll find that a lot of American friends are now ex friends.

There's still time to fix things though, but not much, and even that depends on the US 'getting a grip' of itself - soon.

12:15 am  
Anonymous Tazmanian said...

The accursed United States of Amnesia now has no friends. What a surprise!! Perhaps if their dictatorship junta stopping Effing with the rest of the world they may regain some friends.
Offtopic I know but what on earth is the Beeb doing giving that double dyed, swivel eyed, lying , unelected piece of excrement AKA Campbell, airtime to plug his sordid little book airtime?

5:03 pm  
Anonymous Hydrocodone said...

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