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27 June 2007

Blair Out, Brown In : All You Want To Know ...

So, today the deed was done.

Meet the brand new British Prime Minister and ex Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown.

Here's a few facts well worth knowing about him.
Has there even been a more enigmatic politician than Gordon Brown?

No-one has ever doubted the formidable intellect and iron determination of Britain's next prime minister.
Read much more about Brown -- both boy and man.

Though it's doubtful anyone remaining in residence on the planet won't recognise outgoing Premier Blair, there's a very interesting story regarding them both that we insist (well, as far as anyone can insist) becomes required reading.
To explain his [Blair's] exit you have to go back to a fateful dinner between Mr Blair and Gordon Brown at the Granita restaurant in Islington in 1994 in the wake of the death of party leader John Smith.

It was here that a deal was done which would see Mr Brown agreeing to stand aside so Mr Blair could run for the job, apparently after being persuaded that this would give Labour the best chance of winning over the crucial middle England swing voters and so end the then 15 years of Tory government.
So, read on -- since so much more still remains to be revealed.

Incidentally, somebody's just sent us this (previously unseen by ourselves), picture of the pair together.

Good gawd in heaven's truth!

Perish the ruddy thought.

We dearly, damned well hope not;though as always, time will tell.


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Anonymous martha said...

Three cheers! Or to be on the safe side should I just say one and a half, Richard?

Btw, those information links on the pair of 'em were great. Thanks.

4:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martha's right - great info links, Old Brit.

And now I read here that Blair's selling out his constituancy [and constituants] exactly as he has his country.

Being a just a Member of Parliament won't provide the big bucks or the glory that (now openly) working for the US and Israel will. What a mercenary of a man he truly is.

4:49 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Here's another good info-link.

Who's who in Team Brown?

4:54 pm  
Anonymous gordon said...

Brown had BETTER be different.

7:51 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

Hey! I see Brown's already sacked Margaret Beckitt -- within a few hours. I wonder how LONG the knives are going to get?

7:53 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

Oops! In my haste I forgot to say Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt is out too.

He doesn't hang about does he?

8:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Bliar has now been sicked onto the Palestinians; as if their lives weren't difficult enough. I wonder if he will bring himself to talk to the democratically elected legitimate Hamas government, or whether he will only 'deal' with the Vichy government of Mahmoud Abbas. The Israeli government is delighted by his new appointment. That says it all, really!


11:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:00 pm  
Blogger Solar Rhythmz said...

Suprise , suprise. Wow I am so shocked .Dear oh dear what a coincidence the attacks in Glasgow & London were carried out by 6 Iraqi fully trained combat experienced ex Saddam - military , all given Asylum & some Asians , possibly form Pakistan . Never? I can't believe it .Oh so shocking. There were 8 Iraqui's arrested & charged with Terrorism offences, a few years ago.In 2005 they were in court when oh my golly gosh they were released by the Judge in order to preserve sensitive security sources.They were sent home on home arrest when they all managed to escape past all the MI5 ,MI6, Police, Antiterrorist Squad,Satelites , Big Brother Camera Systems , Traffic Cameras and disappeared. Boy oh boy what a strange coincidence !? Umm let's see now on the TV news oh yes 6 Iraquis & possibly some Asians maybe even a white guy who looks very much like a very strong stocky sort of special forces type have been captured....wild guess of course pure speculation. Wow they are looking for 2 more that makes 8.
Isn't it unusual that the Security services & Anti Terrorist Squads have a list of 1600 known terrorists living in the UK mostly Assylum Seekers but also some British born Muslims. I wonder ,haven't the Security forces & police considered deporting these 1600 terrorists? Just a suggestion. Perhaps we could um arrest them and deny them Assylum? Oh I forgot 1.5 million have managed to slip into the U.K. since Blair & Brown took office . Most of these illegal immigrants are a great boost to the British economy so the Politicians say. Where do they all come from?
Iraq, Syria,Algeria ,Somalia ,Afganistan,Lebenon, Iran, Albania, Sieera Leone, Nigeria ,Kosovo & Chechnya all Terrorist States , all combat trained either as insurgents or Government conscripts , nearly all young men between 18-35. Of course thats just a coincidence . Of course that Islamic Army resident in the UK is not a threat to our Security. Lets send all of the Armed Forces to the Gulf, Iraq, Afganistan, Africa ,Falklands etc etc anywhere but here in the UK. Ok we have some logistics & Admin personnel, and the Queens personal Guards ... and Blair just happened to hand our immigration policy to unelected foreigners , namely the E.U. I forgot also the Defence policy of the Armed Forces.Also the police are soon to be intergrated in a E.U. police you know one uniform etc . E.U. police patrolling U.K. streets !The Armed forces even our Nuclear weapons lock stock & barrel in the hands of unelected E.U. officials. Oh yes over a million Legal immigrants from Pakistan ,Arab states, the Gulf and Eastern Europe. Many trained in the Soviet Era , but mostly just ex military conscripts. Wow isnt that unusual. This isnt a security risk to the U.K. I mean a standing Armed forces of 180,000 could have no problems with 1.5 million combat trained , miliary trained ex conscipts, insurgents ,guerillas, terrorists & intelligence personnel all from abroad. Ok so its also true that France , Germany, Italy Spain etc are in a similar position. Of course we cant stop this occupation by design , we mustnt send them back, because it would infringe their human rights. After all anyone that loves their Country & Nation is a racist or extremist.
Dont you just love the Government. It is so fair and just and has never lied to the British people aren't we lucky. I mean MI5 ,MI6 & SIS nearly always managed to stop Soviet intelligence and expell them in the old days. As we did in WW2 etc etc. But nowadays with all the massive increases in technology and Personnel they are unable to track the Islamic terror cells.And 4 million spy camers and 2000 spy satelites just dont know where they all are or what they are doing.
Strange how the S.A.S. just snatched a British born Islamic Terror cell out of Somalia, past all those Islamic Jihadist Armies with out a single loss. Perhaps they were snatched for arrest and trial you might say. That would be reasonible except they haven't .Indeed they seem to have vanished. Retribution ? Illegal but I can understand that. Um well no they are on the streets. Strange but true. Here is a little imagined scenario. In the near future a group of Islamic terrorists will carry outan attrocity against the British people. Of course war with Islamic nations will have to be the only solution. Lets bring back the Draft and send all fit young British men to war and leave the Nation in the very safe hands of the 1.5 million foreign combat vets & the E.U. Oh I feel so safe & secure. I can sleep so well now. Aren't we lucky to have such compassionate ,kind & loyal E.U. unelected officals looking after us all. After all Blair said giving away all of defences to the unelected E.U. officials was in "Britians interests". He said in 100 years the British people will look him in a different light. As he knows what is right for us inferiors we shouldnt question his judgement. Should we?
Camp Twisted Moronic Muppet. Britian is our Nation you Scum licker Blair you are an utter bastard. What gives you the right to give our Armed forces to our enemies who are unelected & unaccountable. What is a an unelected President of Europe? Remind me ? A DICTATOR . Scum .You want my family our nation to be exterminated or an enslaved race? I remenber a song that says we will never be slaves DO YOU UNDERSTAND. NWO SCUM.You have lit the tinder box .Right always prevails no matter what the cost .Guess what N.W.O. We want TO DIE for our Country , Nation & our family’s.We will fight you to the death. UNDERSTAND OUR UTTER DEVOTION TO DEFEAT YOU .Bastards.One and All.Blair what a complete vomit inducing scumbag you are. I have read your CFR Bilderberg NWO books and Pamphlets. We are insects are we? Want to cull us do we? Oh dear oh dear what a misclaculation. We will have LIBERTY . DEATH TO Tyrants. We have law on our side .Treason is the most vile crime you piece of filth. Hanging a traitor isnt a crime last time I looked it was rewarded. We will hunt you down for ever by the LAW of Britain.Do You Understand I answer to no foregn dictator or their henchmen or their bullshit NWO Euro Laws . *£$% and that is spelt with a C.

Prepare for our British response.

We love Britain forever you Satanic Pope kissing Traitor.

Comment by Truth Seeker

5:13 pm  
Anonymous mo said...

Hee, heee.....

From The Guardian:

Be of good cheer. Just weeks from today, former British prime minister Tony Blair will emerge from the where-are-they-now files to take his first trip as Super Middle East Peace Envoy Man (warning: may not actually possess superpowers).

And there's more>

5:33 pm  
Anonymous max said...

Uh, oh! Here we go. Loonies of the world unite.

6:08 pm  

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