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23 June 2007

Venezuela President Chavez Calls Foreign Oil Companies To Account ...

Have you heard the latest about big, bold Hugo?

The odds are you haven't if you rely solely on our western, so called 'first-world' MSM for your international information.

Witness that which we've clipped and pasted. Filed & found in, of all places, mid-east MSM.

Some major oil companies operating in Venezuela have rejected the terms for the enforced takeover of part of their operations by the state, the president says.

Hugo Chavez said late on Friday that if they did not accept the nationalisation deals ahead of Tuesday's deadline, they would be told to leave.
Or as an ancient Anglo adage advises -- If you don't like it, then you can ruddy well lump it (matey!).

Seriously though, it certainly seems (mucho oil rich), Venezuela's popular, proudly patriotic president Hugo Chavez sure is one 'Latino' who absolutely won't wear either himself or his people being belittled, looked down upon, pushed around, used, abused, taken for fools, seen as suckers, robbed blind nor bled downright bloody dry.

Neither by their northern neighbour, the almighty United States of America, nor by any international Big-Oil, 'good ole boy' bunch of brigands.


Exxon Mobil -- ConocoPhillips -- Chevron Corp -- Norway's Statoil -- Britain's BP Plc and France's Total are the companies operating the targeted projects ...
See what we're saying? Maybe more to the point, see what senor Chavez is saying?

Oh, boy.

In our bloomin' book this blinkin' 'head honcho' bloke is one bloody big brave hombre. No damned doubt about it.

We, for what it's worth, wish the man well in his fight for a fair deal for his country and it's (for far too long), pitifully poor populace.

By the way, before this couple of short-term-memory-challenged old codgers forget what we came for, here's the relevant report to which we want to refer you.

So have yourself a super Saturday night, and we'll see you again sometime on Sunday.

In the meantime though, go easy on the gas.

It doesn't grow on trees y'know.


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Anonymous bluey said...

It's about time they got what's rightfully due to them. Too much has already been 'stole' from them by too many others.

2:29 am  
Anonymous Tazmanian said...

Bravo Hugo!!! More power to your elbow I say.Latin America has an opportunity to break somewhat free from the shackles of their northern neighbour and must not let up in their quest. Vamos amigos!!

12:56 pm  
Anonymous xxx said...

Remeber Nasser? Egypt? Suez Canal? Remeber Israel setting up Britain and France? This kind of internatioal political shennanigans is still still as doubtful cum dubious.

1:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this guy's style.

You go, Hugo!!

9:26 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

What sh*t's gonna hit the fan now?

US firms 'reject' Venezuela deal

The Chavez government is taking majority control of operations
Two of the world's largest oil companies have reportedly rejected a deal that would keep them working in Venezuela's most important oil field.

The government is taking over majority control of operations in the Orinoco Belt, as it extends state control.

Sources at the state-owned oil firm, PDVSA, say they have been unable to agree with ConocoPhillips and Exxon Mobil about their future role.

Full story here.

4:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:07 pm  

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