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16 June 2007

Britain's Old Birthday Girl, Queen Elizabeth, Just Wants To Have Fun ...

Today, as reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth 11 celebrated her 'official' (81st) birthday by Trooping The Colour, in a truly traditional old Brit manner.

And we don't for a moment doubt that a veritable plethora of purely pomp & circumstance style pictures will over the next few days present themselves for your personal perusal; via varied & multiple media sources.

Take for example this short set of such shots, tendered to all today by the BBC.

Most of Her Majesty's official engagements are true fulfilment of a monarch's undeniable 'duties'.

Others are undertaken since they appertain totally to causes close to a Queen or King's own heart.

Some other undertaken tasks, sad to say, can quite correctly be categorised as merely crappy chores.

But we digress.

There's also an extremely seldom seen 'regular/real-life' side to this lovely lady.

And today we're chest-puffingly proud to present something exceedingly special for our readers' enlightenment, entertainment and sheer unadulterated enjoment.

Believe us, you'll love looking at this little compilation completed from rarely viewed candid royal footage re; the life & times of the real girl/lady/mother/daughter/soldier, lurking behind the mask of monarchy.

Long Live Our Noble Queen.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was Georgie Porgie's 'gaffe' re her visit there, do you know? I remember Lanky Bush not reajusting the microphone height for her, when she was there last time - a deliberate snub, I always thought.

By the way;

'Blair Calls For Chinese Style Net Controls In The UK.'

and scroll down.


11:21 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Hi s.o.l.

This time he tried to age her by 100 years or two.

On Prince Charles last but one visit they served him a cup of tea --- with bloody tea-bag stiil in the cup!

11:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks as though the old girl may live as long as her mother. What was it? 102?

11:28 pm  

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