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12 June 2007

Blair Brands Modern Media 'Feral Beast' ...


Would you damn well 'Adam & Eve' it?

Cor blimey! Talk about taking liberties.

Some jokes really do write themselves.

Get your eye-gear around what lies below; boggled mind permitting.
Media 'like feral beast' - Blair

Tony Blair has said the media can operate like "a feral beast" and its relationship with politicians is "damaged" and in need of repair.

The prime minister said relations had always been fraught, but now threatened politicians' "capacity to take the right decisions for the country".

The arrival of web-based news and blogs and 24-hour television news channels meant reports were "driven by impact".
Then the (presently), prime ministerial poodle went on panting & ranting plenty more -- par example:

Mr Blair concluded his speech by saying he had made it "after much hesitation" and he expected it to be "rubbished in certain quarters", but it "needed to be said - so I've said it".
So Big Brother Blair expected it to be rubbished, did he?

Well, you can call us 'certain quarters' if you care to -- since we definitely don't intend disappointing the departing double-talker.

Read about the rest of Blair's recent sour-grapes sort of snidey, snivelling (Reuters) speech.

N.B. File under 'Pot-Kettle-Black-Barmy-Beast-Blair'.

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Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

The whole Blair speech was just the worst kind of outrageous rubbish I've ever read, to try to blame people's correct (and actually highly understated) response to his own horrific crimes.

Blair and his sick ghoulish backers would like nothing more than to silence everyone. Well, I'm not going to be silenced and I'm sure you're not either Richard.

10:15 pm  

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