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03 June 2007

We'll Be AWOL For A While ...

Old soldiers (so the old saying goes), don't die -- they simply fade away.

Well, we want to believe it's exactly the same with (some say overly,) opinionated old blogging buggers like This Old Brit - and his beloved better half.

(Better by bloomin' far, by the way, as shown below.)

Let's say it straight away though, that we're certainly not sick; neither of us.

But boy, oh boy - we are both tired. Much more than a mere tad, too. In fact, the truth is that you could quite correctly call us completely knackered.

So we're taking a bit of a break/breather from blogging.

However, depending upon your personal point of view, the good (or bad) news is that it shouldn't take us too long to catch up on some (seriously required) long & lingering slumbering - and other such sedate sorts of 'senior' stuff -- and then to return right back to business.

Whatever -- we'll be back to 'see' you all again soon; in a couple of days or so.

In the meantime make sure you all take good care - of each other - since you may find yourself being blogged about if you don't. And we bet you wouldn't like that; not one little a bit.

One last thing before we go.

Re: the 'disappeared' comment facility.

We still haven't a clue what happened nor how to fix things - and may we say again 'it was definitely not us wot dunnit, gov'.

However, a few clever commenters/readers have found that comments CAN be made - and read - but only by entering any blogposts (including current/latest) via the 'archives' in the right hand column.

As to why this has happened - don't ask - we still don't have a damned clue.

Meanwhile, for the time being, toodle-oo!


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