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30 May 2007

Now The US Is Purposely Pushing Russia's President Putin Past The 'Pissed-Off' Point ...

Yeah, yeah, yeah;he hears all your crappy-clap-trap, Dubya.

Lately, emanating mainly via an orifice of ass-kissin', creepy-crony, Condi's twisted, forked-tongued kisser.

And he hears it all loud and clear;he even understands it all -- probably twenty or thirty times more clearly than you ever could.

So don't kid yourself, kiddo.

Your so recently supposed soul-mate, President pooty-poo doesn't for one sodding second believe a single sentence you stammer and/or splutter.

Not at any time; not at any place; not about anything nor about anyone -- and you better believe that, buddy.

Moreover, mister, nor does anyone else who isn't (involuntarily), permanently strapped up in a strongly reinforced, multi-leather-belted, cross-over-sleeved coat that ties at the back.

Keep talking the tough talk, you all hat & no cattle, horseless, pseudo cowboy. While you still can. Before you come a proper cropper.

Someone should show you this, soft lad. Then spell it out to you, stupid. In single syllables, simpleton.

Russia resists missile defense plan

Potsdam, Germany

Russia's top diplomat accused the United States of launching a new arms race as the two nations traded barbs Wednesday over U.S. plans to erect a missile defense system in countries formerly under Moscow's influence.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov complained that the U.S. rationale for the shield is thin and suggested that U.S. assurances to Russia amount to a brush-off.

"All they are saying is, 'Don't worry it's not aimed at you," Lavrov said.

He called the plan a threat to Russia and added, "the arms race is starting again."

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the United States has repeatedly explained its plan to Russia in considerable detail, and stands ready to discuss the matter further.

She tartly noted that Russia has said its own strategic defenses could easily overpower the U.S. system.

"We quite agree," she said.

Lavrov made a dark joke in response.

"I hope that nobody has to actually prove that Condi is right about that," Lavrov said.

On Tuesday, Russia tested a new multiple-warhead, intercontinental ballistic missile, and Putin warned that the planned U.S. missile shield would turn Europe into a "powder keg."

Here's the whole related article. We'd say it's well worth reading.


To be continued, Mr Decidercommanderguy.

Count on it.

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Anonymous Rosemary said...

You are right to be alarmed, Richard. As you know, I am too.

But let's just hope they keep talking, shouting, whatever. Is there such a thing as a "Peacekeeper" around?

At least now the subject is out in the open and the world (hopefully) is paying attention. The nations of the Warsaw Conference heard Putin's concerns and heads up message a few months ago. The message is getting some reinforcement now.

To that extent, it is a good thing.

(fingers crossed)

3:38 pm  

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