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20 May 2007

Ex US President Jimmy Carter Comes Out Blasting Bush and Blair ...


One invariably fully expects most American neocon, war-hawk types to try trivialising and/or trashing (to say the least), all and any of those remotely critical of the current US BushCo maladministration.

But when a universally acclaimed, world-widely respected, and internationally honoured Noble Peace Prize Laureate steps up to the plate to speak out publicly, about something especially serious surely even some of the most extreme, dedicated die-hard Republicans should stop to think and start listening in earnest.

Particularly when the person 'going public' is none other than a truly admired (almost all over the planet), ex President of their own (once widely well loved), United States of America.

Well, such an (until now), almost unthinkable thing has happened at last.

And thank God, too. We wonder why the world had to wait so long?

Since it's more than about time someone of such statesmanlike stature spoke out publicly and said what needs to be said -- and heard.

So, for what it's worth we're here today to offer our hearty congratulations and to unashamedly show some personal heartfelt appreciation to Jimmy Carter, for speaking truth to power -- regardless.

Now, cast your eyes across a quick clip & paste.

Carter blasts Bush on his global impact

Little Rock, Ark.

Former President Carter says President Bush's administration is "the worst in history" in international relations, taking aim at the White House's policy of pre-emptive war and its Middle East diplomacy.

The criticism from Carter, which a biographer says is unprecedented for the 39th president, also took aim at Bush's environmental policies and the administration's "quite disturbing" faith-based initiative funding.

"I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history,"
And he doesn't let only BushCo have both barrels.

"The overt reversal of America's basic values as expressed by previous administrations, including those of George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon and others, has been the most disturbing to me."

Then there's this barbed beauty about our ( set soon to resign ), British Prime Mister, mister Tony Blair.

Carter also lashed out Saturday at British prime minister Tony Blair.

Asked how he would judge Blair's support of Bush, the former president said: "Abominable. Loyal. Blind. Apparently subservient."

"And I think the almost undeviating support by Great Britain for the ill-advised policies of President Bush in Iraq have been a major tragedy for the world,"

Read the rest of this remarkable revelation.


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