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11 May 2007

World Bank: Europe Tells Washington - We Want Wolfowitz To Walk ...


How's this for a headline from across the Atlantic?

Europe calls for Wolfowitz to quit
Do we detect signs of dissent in the ranks?

Leaders from European states have told the Bush administration that Paul Wolfowitz must resign from the World Bank in order to avoid a vote of no confidence, it was reported today.

So said the Guardian this morning.

It also said this.

"The administration has been told that its battle to save Mr Wolfowitz cannot be won," a European official told the New York Times. "His relationship with the board is not only damaged. It is broken."
As well as this.

The Bush administration is also coming under Democratic pressure in Congress to dump Mr Wolfowitz rather than confront the Europeans in a no-confidence vote.

"We do not believe the bank's mission or US interests would be advanced by such a vote," said a letter signed by the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, and other top Democrats.

Here's our go-to-the-Guardian link so you can see this story yourself.

We wonder if Wolfie will now bow to the inevitable and voluntarily cash in his chips and walk - or whether he'll wait to be pushed?

Well, whatever/whichever.

It looks like we won't be waiting long before finding out.

However, while you are waiting, what think ye of this from the New York Times?

But what about looking on the bright side? Felix Salmon of Portfolio says this affair may change the selection process of World Bank chiefs, which is currently dominated by the United States.

“This could be the single biggest silver lining to the disastrous Wolfowitz presidency,” Mr. Salmon wrote. “If that’s the case, it’s about time.”

Talk about telling it straight, eh?

Read the rest of the N Y Times' report.


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Anonymous whoever said...

Creeps like this one don't usually go quietly, Richard.

9:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed lately? Since Bush got the US 'stuck' in the quamire that is Iraq ~~ who's afraid of the bid bad US anymore?

Yep, sure several countries (who shall remain nameless) "pretend" = but only 'cos they're quietly playing quite different games of their own = and don't want to be noticed too much = like Michael Moore has been.

Lately it's bcome easy to 'beat' the US = mainly by just sitting back, nodding, smiling and such while letting them (or at least their politicians) beat themselves (or at least their own people).

10:10 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

What a shit job he also did for his last employer - the Pentagon. He's a loser. A rich one but nonetheless a loser.

10:51 pm  
Anonymous Jim DeRosa said...

These are powerful men. They deserve a little piece of strange on the side. God said so...

Jr. has Condi. Cheney has the Ambassador to Switzerland...

Clinton had Monica...see. I'm fair and balanced.

4:03 pm  
Anonymous Tom V. said...

Piccadillos and pity corruption aside, what Wolfowitz represent to me, is the Evil mind behind these illegal invasions and wars, in combination with totalitarian style, repressive domestic laws.

For example the precursor of the Bush doctrine, is called Wolfowitz doctrine, which in essence is superpower unilateralism and open defiance and total disregard to the most basic concepts of International norms and co-operation by agressively trampling on the rights of sovereign states.

It's not for nothing that Wolfowitz and his neo-con ilk have been called 'crazies' by the genuine, paleo-conservatives of the past. In his thoughts and declarations, Wolfowitz as the leading theorist of the so called 'neo-conservatism' re-incarnates the most vile ghosts of defunct totalitarian systems, be it either the Communists or the Nazis, who in their time, were responsible for oceans of suffering, blood and tears both domestically and abroad.

5:19 pm  

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