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02 May 2007

Iraq Invasion/Occupation Chaos; Cheney Called The Shots Says Hoon, Ex UK Defence Secretary ...

Geoff Hoon, Britain's ex Secretary of Defence has given an awesome interview to the Guardian in which he eventually comes clean - on quite considerably more than a couple of things.

How does this sound for starters?
A catalogue of errors over planning for Iraq after the invasion, and an inability to influence key figures in the US administration, led to anarchy in Iraq from which the country has not recovered, the British defence secretary during the invasion admits today.

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Geoff Hoon reveals that Britain disagreed with the US administration over two key decisions in May 2003, two months after the invasion - to disband Iraq's army and "de-Ba'athify" its civil service.
And amazingly enough he even comes right out and says what so many of us have known (and what many millions more have so strongly suspected), since the start.

That the SOB shown below quite clearly called all the shots that counted as far as the Iraq War (aka illegal invasion, occupation, destruction and more), was concerned.

Now, try this super-tasty teaser for size.

Mr Hoon also said he and other senior ministers completely underestimated the role and influence of the vice-president, Dick Cheney.

"Sometimes ... Tony had made his point with the president, and I'd made my point with Don [Rumsfeld] and Jack [Straw] had made his point with Colin [Powell] and the decision actually came out of a completely different place.

And you think: what did we miss?

I think we missed Cheney."

Okay, teasing time's over.

Read the rest right here.

We guarantee it's riveting.


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Anonymous kiwi said...

Great piece. Timing's intereting isn't it? Just before Blair waves byebye. Is this a 'f*ck you' farewell to you dirty Dick?

I think it is. Blair didn't say this himself = but he never jumped on it either. What the hell .. what's he got to lose now?

12:05 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

I wonder why it took him so long to realise the UK had been 'set up'? He's supposed to be an intelligent, informed man yet god knows how many people around the world knew what was happening ~ and screamed it out ~continually?

He says he believed all the bullshit fed him (and Blair) and told no lies. Well, that's ANOTHER lie. He IS NOT that stupid.

10:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was Cheney calling the shots on 9/11 while dumbya flitted around the skies in AF1. He was calling the shots even before that. Remember that when given the job of finding a sutable candidate for the office of the VP ... HE CHOSE HIMSELF!!

10:39 am  
Anonymous phil said...

Gullible, naieve, poor judgement and easily swayed and influenced - almost be his own outright addmission - yet look at the top Euro job he walked into.

Beyond belief. What will he eff up next?

1:16 pm  
Anonymous tazmanian said...

Geoff (W)Hoon? What a complete loser. He was supposed to be the defence minister and let everyone else make defence related decisions for him.

9:37 pm  

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