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28 April 2007

US Missiles In Eastern Europe: Will Putin Put Up With Much More?

Many among us can quite clearly recall that not so long ago George W. Bush confidently claimed to have looked into Vladimir Putin's eyes - and that at that moment he had seen the Russian president's very soul.

Perhaps then, one ought easily be forgiven for wondering why any man with such magical, mystical powers coupled with a claim to constantly communicate with the creator (allegedly on a rather regular basis), couldn't see this coming .

To say something such as Staring one in the face and/or Sucker punch, seems to us to be mega-mega-massive as far as understatements are concerned.

Putin steps up missiles warning

Mr Putin has made a series of comments against missile defence

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that US plans to build a missile defence system in eastern Europe would raise the risk of "mutual destruction".

Sounds like some strong stuff, eh?

Read on.

Mr Putin spoke a day after threatening to halt involvement with a treaty limiting conventional arms in Europe.

"The threat of causing mutual damage and even destruction increases many times," he told Russian media.

"This is not just a defence system, this is part of the US nuclear weapons system,"
Read the rest of this Russian report.


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Anonymous Rosemary said...

I am reposting a link that was provided by another poster in the comments here about 6-8 weeks ago. Reading it caused me to see what is happening with those missile bases in a new light.

I think it caused some leading newspapers in the EU to go back and reframe their original assessment of the significance of Putin's speech at the Warsaw Conference back in February.

The Speech

…The Article

Bottom line. A "heads up" not a "Threat"

Actually a message to the Warsaw Nations to stop and think.

Turkey is paying attention. Today the BBC is not connecting the dots.

5:54 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Sorry, that last sentence should read:

BBC isn't connecting the dots .... or maybe it is?

6:07 am  
Anonymous bluey said...

Putin is a much intelligent man than GWB would be if he lived for a thousand years. On top of that, those around him are much smarter than those around Bush - since he fired all the one's worth their salt for telling him the truth - which he didn't want to hear.

Putin has already said he won't be seeking an extension of his Russian leadership role ~ but you can bet your life that he's already decided who's to follow him ~ and it could come as very rude awakening to the US, UK and several other places.

5:40 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

Btw, thanks Rosemary. I vaguely remember those links but I'll get back to them pretty soon.

5:41 pm  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Your point on the comparable intelligence all 'round is well taken, bluey.

The question really becomes, can the old Warsaw Pact nations UNITE in refusing more bases and refusing the money to support the ones they already have? Can they afford to do so?

There is a discussion of this general topic going on now here. Several related thoughts. I haven't caught up with the whole thread yet.

8:58 pm  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Asia Times current assessment In the trenches of the new cold war

Not looking good. But the M-I complex will make out like bandits.

Discusses each of the "stans" countries of the old USSR and predictions of how the leader in each country will align;
the routing of natural gas pipelines to Europe; explanations of how "missile defense" systems are supposed to work. ** getting a "hole-in-one" in a golf game when the hole is hurtling through the air at 50,000 mph... **

Gee, I wonder if every bit of this is a hoax to keep the weapons industry in business.

11:49 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

Excellent links Rosemary. The blog succintly and concisely debunks the fallacy of the American deception that the installations are being built close to Russia's borders against nefarious phantom menaces from distant third countries, who wouldn't have the ICBM capability for at least another 3 decades, and in any case, whose flightpath wouldn't cross over central-Europe.
In fact they built against Russia.

After we clear that point, the next dilemma is the nature of these systems: While in the narrow sense they are defensive in nature, but they are 'add-ons' to a system which is built around for the purpose of mutually assured destruction. The succesful implementation of these systems, would provide immunity to Washington to unleash its offensive capability on Russia, thus in the final analysis, it is not in defensive in nature. The superpowers agreed in the past to gradually dismantle their nuclear capabilities; that was their part of the bargain in the framework of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

What we see instead, is a dangerous attempt by Washington to upgrade these dreadful weapons of mass-destruction, from deterrent weapons of last resort, to 'practical', usable weapons.

2:13 pm  

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