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17 April 2007

US Military Brass Piss On The Graves Of Dead UK Comrades ... Yet Again ...

What manner of miserable, misbegotten, wretched wankers won't help friends in need? Seemingly, on a serial basis.

Have you heard the latest puke provoking report regarding America's adamant refusal (yet again), to provide important pertinent information to we Brits, it's greatest allies as it wages it's wars against Iraq and Afghanistan?

Coroner attacks 'inexcusable' US

Andrew Walker was the coroner at the Matty Hull inquest

A coroner has called it "inexcusable" that US authorities failed to release evidence about the first UK casualties of the Iraq war.

Andrew Walker was speaking at the reopening of an inquest into the fatal helicopter crash in March 2003.

The eight servicemen died along with four US marines in Kuwait.

American authorities would not give evidence or provide relevant videotape to the court despite all efforts by the MoD, the coroner said.

'Strenuous attempts'

Mr Walker, Oxfordshire's Assistant Deputy Coroner, criticised US authorities for failing to provide "vital" information during the controversial Matty Hull inquest last month.

And as if that recent 'Matty Hull Insult' wasn't a sufficient enough shower of sputum in the eye of their (now shown to be completely undeserved), best friend, we're subjected to this US shit.

Mr Walker said that despite "strenuous attempts by his office and the Ministry of Defence", the US had again said it would not provide any American witnesses to give evidence at his hearing.

"We are again at the beginning of an inquest without the necessary answers to the questions from the US service personnel," he said.

Read the rest of this sickeningly shameful story.

See also, the Matty Hull inquest report.

Talk about an unbelievably ungrateful bunch of despicable, dishonourable, undeserving bastards.

In This Old Brit's book, the turds responsible for this second inexcusable, unforgivable slap in the face are both beneath contempt and beyond redemption.

May said cretins (soon) reap all they have (so selfishly), sown.

Further words fail.


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Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Criminal as you say. Despicable.
And I have never heard the axiom of "How we do one thing is how we all things" more validated than by these cretinous moronic fuhrers.
Look at New Orleans, their health care, unmetered oilwells in Iraq, no-bid contracts, death of habeas corpus, the shocking aftermath of 9/11 (health issues amongst emergency personnel, bones of the dead used to tar highways) I won't go on. There is far too much.
We shouldn't be shocked at how they treat the dead Brits. The only surprise from these sub- humans would be if they behaved decently. They never will.
Let us hope for regime change.

4:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For United States, now read Blighted States.

When will this criminal Bush administration and all it's cronies be brought to justice?

9:24 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

The shits! A fine way of supporting the troops. NOT.

But what else should we expect? We all know about the scandalous treatment they dish out to their own troops - be they dead, wounded or indeed (so far) surviving.

9:29 am  
Anonymous Tom V said...

Interesting, fiery comments we have today, yet to be truthful I have to agree.

The question is; (after Rex) what else anyone can expect?

As we know, -even in the best of times,- empires have no loyalties, (let alone feelings), only interests, and I'm sure the British too could recall some unsavoury episodes in their not too distant past, if they try hard enough. Still, I must say that the Yanks' conduct, -more times than not,- break records in arrogance, crudeness and sheer, naked barbarity. This regime is awefully cruel to its own people as well, and I would say anyone who is in contact with them, regardless if they're friend or foe, have to endure at least an occasional snarl, -and that is, if they are lucky-.

The US government is not for nothing at the deepest nadir of its reputation. It never in its history held in such a universal contempt, and low regard than nowadays. Fully deservedly, I might add.

1:27 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

Seen this today ?

US ambassador invited to inquest

The coroner at the inquest into the deaths of the first British servicemen killed in the Iraq war has invited the US ambassador to attend the hearing.

On Monday, Andrew Walker called it "inexcusable" that US authorities had failed to release evidence about the fatal helicopter crash in March 2003.

Now he wants the ambassador to explain the apparent lack of cooperation - denied by the US Defense Department.

The eight British commandos died along with four US marines in Kuwait.

Oxfordshire assistant deputy coroner Andrew Walker said he was told he could not see a US safety report into what happened when the Sea Knight went down south of the Kuwaiti border.


Paul Spencer, lawyer for the family of victim Sergeant Les Hehir, from Poole in Dorset, said his clients had been dismayed by comments made by the US deputy chief of mission David Johnson on Channel 4 News.

Mr Spencer told the hearing: "Sgt Hehir and the seven other service personnel did as the prime minister asked them to do, and that was to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Americans in March 2003.

More at this link.

5:03 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

It will be Americans themselves who punish [and beat] Bush's America in the end. As it will be the Brits who will win back their country from Blair and make him pay for his treachery.

10:56 pm  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Along with everyone else, I am shocked at this revelation.

The only thought I have is that whatever is being held back would have undoubtedly lost the U.S. government their most important ally and could have stopped their lovely invasion in its tracks...

8:54 pm  
Anonymous mark abbott said...

the Yanks' conduct, -more times than not,- break records in arrogance, crudeness and sheer, naked barbarity. -- Tom V

That's us Yanks alright -- always gotta be Numbah One. (retching)

whatever is being held back would have undoubtedly lost the U.S. government their most important ally -- Rosemary

Sounds right to me, Ro ... and when all comes to light, it may well prove a decisive part of the future shape of US-UK relations. Once burned, twice shy!

9:55 pm  

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