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24 April 2007

Jessica Lynch; Pat Tillman;'Truth Telling' to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform ...



Held prisoner?



Maybe abducted, deconstructed and/or even dissected - with or without any anaesthetic - by some unimaginably awful, alien Muslimislamofascistinsurgents?

Or by some similarly shocking, sickeningly uncivilised, enormously evil, enemy Iraqi entities?

Aided and abetted by a bevy of naughty nurses, a pack of perverted physicians and a shower of sex crazed surgeons?

In a huge hospital of horrors, inhabited by indescribably insatiable, insane slaves of Islam?

Perhaps - if it were possible - what was actually supposed to have happened was originally scripted to have appeared (to the public), to be something substantially more serious? Severe in the extreme even?

Well, now you can hear the true story straight from Jessica Lynch's own lips -- as opposed to the previous official, hype-tripe-lie-fest-burger fed to all those gullible enough to swallow same.

But before you watch & hear what follows, we'll tell you something for free.

By publicly speaking her personal truths to power, this truly honourable young woman has just shown all & sundry that the reality is -- she's even braver than we all were originally led to believe (by the nose and up the garden path), by her so-called elders, betters and superiors.

Shame on them.

Now, having watched that, we want you to
hit this link to 'The Gavel' to see & hear some more; not just about Jessica's story but about the late lamented, Pat Tillman's too.


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Anonymous jesse said...

For Dept of Defence ~now read~ Dept of Disney.

11:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Department of Deception?

Btw, thanks for great video links.

12:56 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

Agreed - great links, Richard.

And for anyone who hasn't yet clicked right through to see and hear Pat Tillman's brother -- well, I strongly urge they should. That young man pulls no punches as he show's 'them' up for the lying, devious, cruel, cowardly, brazen b*stards they are.

2:39 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

I know I will sound more disillusioned than it's customary, but frankly that the Pentagon deceive and propagandize as a matter of daily routine, doesn't suprise me at all. Indeed I expect it from them, and I try to calculate it into my assessment in regard to their communication. Such as the question whether it is a complete fabrication, or holds partial truth, and if it contains facts what part does?

However Kevin Tillman's testimony somewhat confuses me; it sounded like a designated heavy machinegunner in Patrick Tillman's platoon have opened fire on allied soldiers mixed with Americans and after repositioning, he delivered the fatal burst from 35 meters away, at their waving comrades which quote :"Clearly violated rules of engagement".
You darn right brother, it sounded more like a willful homicide, or at the very least machine gunning at 'objects', where clearly no effort was made to identify them.
I thought these blunders have been mostly relegated to the less than glorious past. Whatever happened with the trumpeted 'battlefiekd situational awareness in real time' covering the last footsoldier, but if not, then at least to the smallest unit, such as the squad or patrol? Don't tell me, that it was yet another lie!

Now I wonder, how much the steadily increasing casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan (yesterday for example 10 military deaths just in Iraq) is due to increased Resistance and how much by the poorly trained and led troops themselves, who have been rushed to the most complex battles, (urban battle and mountain warfare respectively) which would require one of the longest and thorough training, estimated to be minimum 6 months?

6:39 pm  
Anonymous hal said...

Great Americans. Great videos. Great blog.

8:18 pm  
Anonymous xxx said...

Lots of heads should roll over all this. But will they? Any at all? I for one won't be holding my breath

11:10 pm  
Anonymous Lesley said...

This eerie documentary on the consequences of the US decision to ignore the Geneva Conventions will be airing at the Tribeca Film festival. Everyone should see this film. It should be aired on national television.

11:00 pm  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

Another update video has been added to this in which Kuchinich asks about the destruction of the uniform. Here we get responses from both the brother and the mother, not reading from their prepared statements, so it feels like one is getting pretty genuine gut reactions.

The question allowed both the brother and the mother to talk about the official autopsy report and how it clearly shows evidence of the coverup and the extent of things done to create a coverup.

I was particularly interested in the Mother's explanations of her logical thought processes and her conclusions. She is extremely critical of Rumsfeld.

Unfortunately, the rules did not allow Kuchinich to ask a followup question, but he managed to say what it would have been -- it was to focus on the destruction of the personal notebook, which leaves that question hanging "what might have been in the notebook?"

This is a remarkable family. They do not subscribe to authoritarian thinking. They will not leave this subject to "the experts."

10:22 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

After looking at Leslie's link, I want to add that I see an awful lot of evidence of psychological manipulation at many levels. Some of it is directed toward individuals, but a lot of it is directed toward all of us.

I have more to say about that but I will save it for a thread that is more appropriate.

11:09 am  

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