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22 April 2007

Latest Lowdown On Louse Wolfowitz, World Bank Robber Boss ...


How the hell Paul Wolfowitz managed to wangle his way into the presidency of the World Bank -- for the life of us, we'll never be able to figure out.

Will you?

Awrh, well. Whatever.

Here you can read a little of the latest lowdown on the louse.

Two years ago, Wolfowitz, former U.S. deputy Defense secretary, became president of the World Bank.

His significant other, Shaha Riza, was a senior official there. To comply with the bank's strict nepotism rules, he had her transferred to a temporary job at the State Department.

This, of course, made Riza an innocent victim - not an uncommon occurrence where such rules are too rigid. But then Wolfowitz overcompensated.

He ensured that she would be guaranteed promotions, automatic evaluations of "outstanding" and raises worth more than $200,000 over five years, way more than if she had stayed at the bank.

"I made a mistake, for which I am sorry," Wolfowitz now says, adding
that "in the larger scheme of things, we have much more important work to focus on."

But the work and the mistake aren't quite so easily separated. Since taking over at the bank, Wolfowitz has been on an anti-corruption crusade.

By handling his companion's deal as he did - she is said to make $193,590 a year, more than her ultimate boss, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

So, that's the sort of stuff this schmuck is into into, eh?
When he's not sucking his comb on camera, of course.

Nor when he's picking his nose in public.

Nor when he's posing for photos while poking his too long, unclipped toe nails through the holes in his (some say, sweaty) socks.

We wonder why anyone in the world would want to allow a sleazy, weasel like Wolfowitz to rob run the World Bank?


What a class act, eh?

Nice work if you can get it, eh?


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Anonymous Tom V said...

Lovely, humorous article Richard. There is just something funny about someone, who wears an at least $1500 tailered suit with a pair of $ 500.00 Florsheim loafers, yet his toes look-out candidly from the holes of a pair of socks, which hardly cost more than five bucks.

It's possible that those for whom this man is either a liability or a competition, would try to make him fired, or forced him to resign on a relatively trivial thing. The methaphorical equivalent of slipping on a banana peel and take a fall.

I speculate that this is probably the only safe way to clear him away, due to his own extensive knowledge of compromising information on others, thus the potential to counter blackmail. (Well there is another option, but it's not yet part of the standard operating procedure). One can just wonder, how this criminal cabal treat each other, with backstabbings, laying traps for each other, and all that.

Still, I'm lightyears away to shed one drop of tear, for the plight of this person.

11:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great ain't it?

What a sick joke. He makes such a gigantic hash of his pre-war Iraq "advice" as assisatant US Secetary of Defence, that he's given the job of "safeguarding" the world's biggest bank.

And already he's been caught with "his hand in till".

1:05 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

He says he made 'a mistake'.

You bet he did. He got got caught.

But will he be fired? Don't hold your breath anyone. It's a different set of rules for the haves than it is for the have nots.

1:20 am  
Anonymous phil said...

Wolfie was also one of the main NeoCon crew instigators of the illegal attack on Iraq.

I wonder why?

11:12 am  
Anonymous Charles said...

As usual Richard, the way you see it is the way all decent, sensible folk do ~~ eventually!

Seen the latest today?

Fresh calls for Wolfowitz to quit

A group of senior former World Bank employees has urged beleaguered head Paul Wolfowitz to resign, saying he can no longer be an effective leader.

Mr Wolfowitz is battling to remain in his job after admitting helping his partner win a promotion and pay rise.

More than 40 World Bank officials, including 18 former vice-presidents, published their call in an open letter to the Financial Times newspaper.

They said Mr Wolfowitz had "lost the trust and respect of bank staff".

More at link.

7:56 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Charles.

Here's that letter in full.

For the good of the World Bank, Wolfowitz must resign

By "former World Bank staff"

Published: April 23 2007 03:00 | Last updated: April 23 2007 03:00

From former World Bank staff.

Sir, We are a group of ex-World Bank Group staff who occupied senior positions in the institution (managing directors, senior vice-presidents, vice-presidents, directors), and write in our personal capacities. Some of us have worked under Paul Wolfowitz, some of us have not, but all of us are watching with great concern the ongoing events at the bank because of their impact on development and the interests of the poor.
At a time when fighting poverty remains crucial in building a more hopeful, more balanced and more secure world, the World Bank must remain credible if it is to speak with the moral authority necessary to move the poverty agenda forward.

For the bank to succeed, it must be effective, especially on matters of good governance, which Mr Wolfowitz rightly emphasized as crucial to poverty reduction. What staff objected to was not the principle - which they applauded.
Rather it was that the policy was implemented with no consultation, and little transparency or apparent consistency. Now, as a result of a process of broad consultation that he was forced to undertake by the board, Mr Wolfowitz has been able to forge a consensus on how to raise the bar on corruption in a practical way. It is this that can serve as a lasting legacy at the bank.

Mr Wolfowitz says he believes in the mission of the bank and wishes to continue. We believe that he can no longer be an effective leader. He has lost the trust and respect of bank staff at all levels, provoked a rift among senior managers, developed tense relations with the board, damaged his own credibility on good governance - his flagship issue - and alienated some key shareholders at a time when their support is essential for a successful replenishment of the resources needed to help the poorest countries, especially in Africa.

We have taken note of the fact that the ministers who met last weekend in Washington took the unusual step of expressing publicly their great concern about the situation in the bank. And staff and some of our senior colleagues within the bank have advised Mr Wolfowitz that the best course of action for the future of the bank would be for him to step down. This painful, unprecedented action was not a rash conclusion. We support it and salute the courage of our colleagues. Like them, we believe this is a regrettable but essential step to prevent the bank's effectiveness as a development institution, and its credibility as the international community's trustee of resources for fighting poverty, from being fatally compromised. There is only one way for Mr Wolfowitz to further the mission of the bank: he should resign.

8:08 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

I'd have sex with Paul Wolfowitz for $200,000.

12:42 am  
Blogger Buttermilk Sky said...

Apparently it's only a problem for the moralizers of the right if you have sex with an unpaid intern. If you get your mistress hired by the State Department (or a 9/11 charity, as Giuliani did), well, that's show business.

3:32 am  
Anonymous xxx said...

Gordo, no doubt he'd agree -- so long as the price was right.

8:51 am  
Anonymous Lesley said...

How did he manage to wangle his way into the presidency of the World Bank?

Easy. Bush appointed him.

10:57 pm  
Anonymous Hydrocodone said...

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