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30 April 2007

The Driftglass Dilemma -- Laugh Or Cry?

We can not take any credit for this at all. But we can give credit where it's due, and that's what we want to do.

Thanks a million, driftglass, Mike and Jen and The News Blog.

And, another huge heads-up, hat-tip to our faithful friend from California, Mister Michael Scott.

Just one thing though, before you go read the following fantastic piece in full -- the 'joke' in question is one of those that will have you in two minds -- as to whether you should laugh or cry.

So, sitting suitably comfortably?

Right, y'are then.

Here we jolly well go.
If you are unfamiliar with the Dirtiest Joke in the World, here’s a little primer.

It’s a gorgeous day here in my city and I’m going to pack up my laptop and find a lovely place to eat. So in lieu of a Sunday sermon, here’s my version:
The Republican Party walks into the American people’s living rooms, and says, "We're the Family Value’s Party, and we'd like to represent you."

The American People say, "Sorry, but we’re a little leery of Family Values parties. They tend to be scams run by demagogues.”

Republican Party says, "But this is really special."

The American People says, "Okay, well what's the act?"

The Republican Party replies, "Well after the worst attack on American soil in history, we hijack the nation's grief and rage to plunge us into a war with entirely the wrong country.

“Then we let the actual terrorist responsible for the attack to sit in a comfy chair on the edge of the stage and ................
Now, hit it here to read the rest.
You'll regret it if you don't.

Believe us.



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