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29 April 2007

Folkestone Earthquake And The Channel Tunnel;Hmm - We Wonder - What If ?

Well, well, well.

We were certainly shocked (to say the least), when we saw this story today.

Earthquake shakes parts of Kent

An earthquake has shaken parts of Kent, damaging buildings and disrupting electricity supplies.

Homes in five streets in Folkestone had to be evacuated because of structural damage including cracked walls and fallen chimneys.

The magnitude 4.3 tremor struck at 0819 BST and experts said its epicentre was a few miles off the coast in the English Channel.

(Read the rest of the report.)

And we have to say that we were extremely surprised to see - or rather not to see - any mention, at all, anywhere -- re;the Channel Tunnel.

But then on second thoughts, we weren't really surprised at all.

Not once we'd woken up properly - to the fact that it's from Folkestone, whence one's famous Channel Tunnel runs.

After all, alarmists aren't us.

With we stiff-old-upper-lipped Brits - stoicism rules.





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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps some things are best left unsaid.

10:19 am  
Anonymous Charles said...

Perhaps some things are best left unsaid.

Why is that, anonymous?

Because it might cost (the wrong people) money?

12:15 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

Maybe the French will become involved in instigating some kind of investigation/checks. Just because the quake was at 'our' end of the tunnel it doesn't mean French nationals using it regularly would be at any less risk should any structural damege have been done.

3:59 pm  
Anonymous martin said...

Although this is being called the Folkestone earthquake we must remember it actually happened a few miles out to sea (from there) in the channel. Well, after watching the tv pics of damge to houses in Folkestone including some giant structural cracks ... i don't even want to think what effects the shock waves have had on the sea bed;underneath which lies the tunnel.

I won't use it again.

7:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Channel Tunnel has a control centre to which are linked sensors located in every part of the tunnel. They would have gone off if the tunnel had been affected by the quake, but they didn't. I work in the Police control room and one of the first things I did when the earthquake went off was to check with the Channel Tunnel Police - who told us they had measured the tremor but the tunnel was unaffected. Please dont panic unnecessarily, and don't assume when you don't know the truth! Thank you. - Anonymous - for my job's sake!

12:11 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

Mr policeman, thanks for your concern. It's a pity what you say wasn't publicly announced via the mainstream media. Surely that's something 'the authorities' owethe public - reassurance that it is.

For myself I think your comment would have been a good one, if only you'd resisted adding the snotty 'dig' at the end:"... and don't assume when you don't know the truth!"

5:22 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

Assumptions? I didn't even see any. Concerns and opinions, yes. But assumtions, no.

Any 'evidence' [I missed] of these assumptions officer?

5:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a bit surprised, as as far as I know a press conference was held Saturday 28/04 around 13:35 by police & emergency services in Folkestone, which I saw on Sky news. They announced that the channel tunnel and ferries were unaffected by the earthquake. Besides this announcement, sky news and other media stated on several occassions that "It was built with tremors in mind and it’s built to survive earthquakes with a significantly higher magnitude than the one on Saturday.”
So it was definitely announced in the mainstream media. :) Not sure what all the fuss is about...tunnels/bridges/buildings are all build with tremors/movement etc in mind...

6:45 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

Well, we'll have to wait and see I suppose. Time will tell.

If anyone wants to take a gamble though, I bet P&O and other ferries' shares will be on the up & up while the tunnel's will move in the opposite direction.

I'd also love to hear what the insurers involved will say when premium is up for renewnal. I bet that takes a big hike too.

8:23 pm  
Anonymous max said...

Move along now folks. Nothing to see here.

Yeah. Sure.

And NYC air was safe after 9/11. And the Depleted Uranium saturated air\enviroment\ in Iraq is safe too.

Yeah. Sure.

And young Brazilian electricians in London are safe too.

Yeah. Sure.

"They" wouldn't lie to us would "they"? Huh!

8:33 pm  
Anonymous max said...

I almost forgot. The twin towers were safe too. Built to with stand almost anything.

The Nola levees were safe too weren't they?!

8:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how the French media never mentionned anything...suppose they are too busy with the oncoming election...

12:50 am  
Blogger Richard said...

FWIW, we've been receiving around an extra 1,000 hits a day from search engines -- via people keying in three words together -- Folkestone+earthquake+channel tunnel.

Obviously we weren't alone when wondering what we were wondering. Eh?

11:44 pm  
Blogger lilymarlene said...

Some friends of mine in Folkestone thought it was the tunnel being blown up when they felt the tremor. Earthquakes are not something you'd expect in Kent.

5:29 pm  
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