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04 May 2007

Queen Elizabeth 11 Visits Jamestown Fort In America ...


So, we see our 81 year old Queen Elizabeth 11 went all the way across the Atlantic to see the 400 year old remains of Jamestown Fort, in the USA.

Still, we suppose that every so often she simply gets sick & tired of seeing solely her own old (Greek) ruin, H.R.H. Prince Philip.


Well, wouldn't you?

We know we would.

Seriously though, the old dear certainly seems to have a special soft spot in her heart for America, eh?

After all, she's already been there three times --- in the last half century.


We trust mad King George 43 looks after the little old lady while she wallows in his 'homeland' hospitality .

That is to say, we hope he doesn't look after her as lousily as he's looked after his own 'subjects' for the last sad, seven years.


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Anonymous Catherine D. said...

Just call him George the Turd.

10:58 pm  
Anonymous mark abbott said...

One can tell the level of King W's regard for H.M. The Queen by whom he chose for her host: the Dark Lord himself, Cheney.

12:19 am  
Anonymous phil said...

Some nice pics of her visit here.

And take a look at the look the Queen is giving Cheney. Ha!

12:21 am  
Anonymous phil said...

Ah. We must have x posted, Mark Abbott. I see you already saw that one.

12:27 am  
Anonymous harper said...

You beat me to it, Mark!

12:29 am  
Anonymous RJ Adams said...

It's not often I feel sorry for the old biddy (Gawd bless yer, Ma'am!) but forced to socialize with George Bush? A fate worse than death. His stock comedic turn - telling 'fart jokes'.

2:21 am  
Anonymous Tom V said...

I hope George -just for once-, spare Her Majesty to take her for a ride in his pick-up, to show his Texas ranch.

4:51 am  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

And her Dominion of Canada is in a bit of huff because she's not coming our way, eh? What dark deeds do she be plottin' with the devil Cheney? I hope his guns are safety-latched.

And as always, I marvel at the lady's hats and speculate on their care, feeding and upkeep as the travel across the briney.

You look mighty fine beneath them all, ma'am.

8:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe only three Official State Visits, but I understand she comes here often privately to visit with her horses at Kentucky breeding farms. And to have more stimulating conversation than she can expect from George Wanker Bush.

9:25 pm  
Anonymous musings said...

She looks great and as though she is having the time of her life. I don't think Cheney is capable of any such warmth, but I doubt the Queen would deliberately scowl at him. She is elderly and probably trying to focus on him and understand his strange, garbled voice, out of her own politeness. I hope her visit goes well. She deserves some fun as we all do.

4:25 am  
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