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07 May 2007

The American Dream Dynasties Nightmare No-Brainer ...


Some US citizens still say (in all sincerity), that absolutely anyone can become their country's president.

And, we agree entirely that that admirable assumption is a huge part of the American Dream.

But boy, do we have some sad news for those still sound asleep and snoring.

It's becoming increasingly (and painfully), obvious to increasing millions - internationally - that as surely as 2008 is coming closer and closer - closer also creeps famous flip-flopper Hilary Clinton.

Unless, of course, an adequate 'army' of regular Americans cotton on quickly as to exactly what's happening here. And in fact has been, for some several years.

Can anyone say Dynastocracy?

But things need not be that way.

Especially, since it's so crystal clear that there certainly isn't a shortage of quality, deserving Democratic Party candidates to choose from.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I freely admit that neither party politicsthings nor nepotism are nearly so obvous nor cut & dried over here, we do still put up with far too much from the "Parties". We don't put them oin their place as much as we should. If we're not very careful we'll end up the same as the US.

9:30 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

I know they say it's a lady's perogative to change her mind ... but bloody hell ... Hilary Clinton ... puts a whole new meaning to that phrase.

9:40 am  
Anonymous alan said...

In the end, we all get whatever we're prepared to settle for.

Shame on us, we're guilty by association. We're not brave enough to stop playing ball with the bullys.

8:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what?

9:21 pm  

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