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06 May 2007

Tat-tah,Tony Blair; What Took You So Long To Resign?


Who among us would in a million years have imagined reading something as strong as this in such an internationally revered (rightly or wrongly), British MSM newspaper as The (London) Times?

... reflecting on the front page of an evening paper with a big smiling picture of the Prime Minister at his tenth anniversary celebrations: “That f***ing bastard, what’s he got to grin about? He nearly got us killed for no reason anybody can think of” – followed by phrases that cannot be printed in a family newspaper, even in this vulgar age.

Mr Blair’s subservience to the foreign policy of the Bush Administration, most obviously in Iraq, but also in Iran, Israel and Palestine.

Even if operational and diplomatic arguments dissuade Mr Brown from immediately announcing a date for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq, he can and must distance himself from Mr Blair’s obsequious attitude to US foreign policy.

While Mr Brown may be reluctant, like every British prime minister before him, to break with America, he does not have to do that.

Luckily for him, all he has to do is break with one man, who may still be bear the title of President but is now virtually powerless, isolated in the White House and despised by his own people.

* Emphasis emphatically ours of course.

So here's hoping we've whetted your appetite enough to have you head off fast to feast your eyes on the full report from which we've snipped the above.

You can read the rest right here.

Now, before buggering off back about the rest of your own Sunday business, we want you watch this absolutely beauty of a Youtube user's 'take' on Tony Blair.

Nice to know that question has at long last been answered, eh?

We wonder what took the two-faced, turdy, twit of a twerp so long to say 'So long'?!

No matter;better late than never.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To borrow a a famous Maggie Thatcherism ~ REJOICE!

4:34 pm  
Anonymous Mark Abbott said...

Well, if this doesn't bugger all:

MPs pour scorn on Blair's new mission to act as 'faith healer'

By Marie Woolf, Political Editor [of The Independent]

Published: 06 May 2007

Tony Blair is preparing a mission to build bridges between the major world religions when he leaves office, and plans to act as an ambassador for multi-faith dialogue in Britain and abroad.

Friends of the Prime Minister have told The Independent on Sunday that he is planning to set up a Blair Foundation soon after leaving No 10, and one of its main aims will be to promote communication between Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

But the plan has been greeted with incredulity among MPs who say he has done more to create divisions between Islam and the West than any Prime Minister in living memory. Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat MP, said: "He may want to build bridges between the world religions but the fact is he has already burnt them. He has been seen to be partisan in the Middle East, slavishly following Bush, and will have no credibility with the Islamic world. It shows how deluded he is. His bridge will at best be a pier."

[more at link above]

[hat tip to Cliff Schecter

6:17 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Mark Abbott, why the surprise? Have you and Mr Schecter forgotten we all went through the looking glass a few years back? ;-]

8:08 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

I'm not surprised either. He was always bound to get an extremely well paid none-job.

Besides the countless 'directorship' for which he'll get more big money simply for allowing his name to used on big companies' letterheads.

8:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

blair's got the experience to help him be a faith healer ........ he's a proven charletan

9:16 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

I didn't think Blair still had the ability to shock me. What kind of ego must he have, to imagine that he could win the trust of Muslims?

And like Norman Baker said, much of the animosity and distrust that Blair now says he wants to combat were created by him in the first place.

10:47 pm  

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