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10 May 2007

Official: Tony Blair Resigns On 27/07/07 ...


Well, now we all know.

We wish we could say it's been nice, Tony Blair, but because we're not liars we can't.

Even if we were to believe what you said today on TV (with what seemed almost like tears lurking beneath your eyelids), as a premier you patently weren't fit for purpose.

For one fleeting moment we almost believed you were about to blow the whole bloomin' gaffe and confess that you completely cocked-up on Iraq -- bloody big time. However, you did get pretty damned close to coughing up the lot didn't you? That much was obvious, mate.

Could it have been anything connected to a thing called conscience? Who knows? And anyway, who the hell cares any more?

It's over. You're history mister.

Now, we wonder what, thanks to you, our country still has coming?

Even if we Brits were, to a man, to forgive and forget 'the lot' -- what about millions of others?

By which we mean of course, so many decent innocent Muslims in general and the many from the middle east in particular.

Time alone will tell, Tone. As no doubt time will also take a toll. On that score, one can quite confidentally count; almost for certain in fact.

But enough of us two for now.

The following from the BBC.

He made the announcement in a speech to party activists in his Sedgefield constituency, after earlier briefing the Cabinet on his plans.

He acknowledged his government had not always lived up to high expectations but said he had been very lucky to lead "the greatest nation on earth".

Well, we won't argue against the last bit, Mr Blair.

"There is only one government since 1945 that can say all of the following: more jobs, fewer unemployed, better health and education results, lower crime and economic growth in every quarter. Only one government, this [* New Labour], one."

It was for others to judge whether he had made mistakes, added Mr Blair, but he said he had always done what he thought was "right."

I may have been wrong. That's your call.

You got that last bit on the button too.

Read the remainder of this BBC report right here.

Including links to video footage of Blair's (semi-swan song), speech and more.


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Anonymous Harry Thompson said...

What a joke. Watching TV today I lost count of the number of Blair's "fans" who harped on his "economic" sucesses thinking they could deflect from his Iraq fiasco.

Don't the dozey buggers realise that Blair (and everyone else) owes any and all UK economic sucess - entirely on Gordon Brown? The man who's all set to replace him, and is the man who would have won the lLabour Party leadership in the first place, if not for John Prescot's coniving to win him the backing of the big unions (and others).

Has anyone ever stopped to think how the hack Prezza has in spite of everything held onto his job as Deputy Prime Minister?

It's because a deal was done at the outset. New Labour began as it meant to go on - and has done ever since - by cultivating a culture of cronyism as never witnessed before in this country.

4:47 pm  
Anonymous Jim DeRosa said...

Pretty harsh. I don't think he deserves to have his teeth kicked in. There is a legacy there, ruined by Iraq, but still a powerful force in the world for good

4:49 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

I'll just make two points:
Firstly, that Blair resigns is not by itself a satisfactory outcome or solution for his illegal bellicose policies, but the reversal of those policies by his successor is.

Secondly, he should be aware that he is personally responsible for those policies and his resignation is not an atonement or a rectification of what happened the last 4 years. If ever a genuinely democratic government takes over in Britain in his lifetime, who will care to investigate and prosecute the warleaders on the phony 'War on Terror,' he will be obliged to stand trial, and face the stark consequences, which it entails.
There is no garranty Mr. Blair, that your cronies will always be in power, to cover up for you!

4:58 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

Not just ruined by Iraq. Blair has taken our country into FIVE wars ~ in only 14 years.

On top of that he's been proven to have lied on different matters numerous times.

He began lying (to parliament) at one of his earliest prime ministers' question times. When asked by an MP if he'd been invited to and acccept and attended a Bilderberg meeting, Blair flat out said NO.

When later presented with irrefutable proof that he HAD done so, his spin doctors went to work a la overdrive mode.

The 'official' parlianenary system entails questions being (nominaly) asked 'of' the speaker of the house, ABOUT another person.

So the explanation (eventually) offered for the LIE was that the questioner had asked "Is it true that the Prime Minister .... etc"

but as Blair had gone pre-Prime Minister appointment the answer was correct. MP Tony Blai HAD gone but "THE PM" had NOT gone.

Unbelievable? No. Check it out. THAT is Tony Blair for you.

7:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He'll be missed .............. like a hole in the head....

11:21 pm  
Blogger Buttermilk Sky said...

One of our local news outlets identified TB as a Conservative. By their deeds you shall know them.

1:02 am  
Anonymous jim b said...

As a bonus, Prezza's going as well. Good riddance to him too. He's been paid big money for what? For how long?

I wonder who the next Deputy PM will be oe will we go back to not wasting taxpayers' money on paying one? A perfect example of 'jobs for the boys' this was, and NO mistake.

10:47 am  
Anonymous D.K. Raed said...

well, speaking from the (cough) left-side of the Atlantic, I am jealous that you have a leader who would actually resign. Maybe not so much for the good of your country as for his own good, true. No hope for us over here, though. ~~ D.K.

7:13 am  

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