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07 May 2007

Black Death Back In Britain?

The mind abso-bloody-lutely boggles.

Read this tale of terror from today's Daily Mail. Read it and wretch. It's beyond belief.

Black Death bacteria found in bins left uncollected for fortnight
How's that for a headline from hell?

Now see some more snipped from the same shocking story.

Dustbins which are only emptied once a fortnight have been found to harbour bugs from the same family of bacteria that ravaged Europe during the Black Death.

Samples taken during a study of the health hazards associated with fortnightly collections tested positive for a string of potentially deadly bacteria, including bugs from the yersinia family.

In the Middle Ages one particular strain - yersinia pestis - caused the devastating plague which is estimated to have killed 75 million people in the space of just three years.
Aught not alarm bells already be ringing and sirens screeching, right across the realm?

... only last week the issue became a high profile issue at local elections when voters registered their opposition to the scrapping of weekly rubbish collections by toppling councils of all parties.

Officials at the Environment Department know about the study, but still insist there is no risk to public health in fortnightly collections.
Can you comprehend that?

And/or this?

Last month scientists warned that rubbish left out for a fortnight before collection could trigger a string of serious health problems including asthma.

Levels of bacteria and fungal spores produced by decaying waste were ten times higher in streets where the bins are collected fortnightly instead of every week.

And here we all were thinking Britain was about to be cured of the plague of Blair.

Here's the whole of this scandalous story.

Surely, in the name of sanity, someone somewhere in authority has got to get to grips with this shameful shambles.

Since spine chilling shit such as this, simply must be sorted.

And, sorted sometime seriously sodding soon.

If not even effing faster.

Contact you local council/councillor via this link.

And keep on kicking the living crap out of them till they see some sense.

This is THAT serious.


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Anonymous alan said...

Jesus H. Christ! And the British goverment is playing this down?

Good God, I need time for this to sink in.

8:50 pm  
Anonymous mike said...


Bacteria associated with the Black death is ALREADY here?

And we're being told not to worry? That there's no harm in it? No risk? No danger?

And this after they've forecast the hottest summer on record?

If something like the poll tax made folk take to the streets ..... then what should this lead to?

No, don't say it .. we should just DO IT!

9:02 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

OMG! How on earth can this be allowed to happen Richard?

9:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe now Brits will be too busy to but into US business.

9:18 pm  
Blogger Phyl said...

Yegods! That's really awful!

Along similar lines, I heard a blurb on the news in Toronto this morning suggesting that it's very likely a pandemic will hit here within the next three years.

10:46 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

And all to save a few measley quid. Meanwhile Blair's spending taxpayers cash on his war in Iraq like it's going out of style.

How long before our kids are dying too, thanks to him.

11:05 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

Don't worry friends. It will omly affect the poor - the ones who have to live packed together and under each others feet.

The people that matter - like Liz and George hooting it up in Washingto - will be just fine.

Sorry for the sarcasm but I couldn't resist. Things like this really make me mad.

11:25 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

If this takes hold it will be thousands of times worse than the old epidemic. Travel was by foot or horse in those days.

In these global village days of jet tavel ~ look out whole world.

10:02 am  
Anonymous anotheranon said...

This is a really serious matter. Has anyone else here seen or heard anything about this apart from Richard's blog and link?

People need to be doing something about this right this very day. I'll be on to my councillor before today's out. 'Later' isn't good enough.

1:48 pm  
Anonymous xxx said...

If this takes hold it will be thousands of times worse than the old epidemic. Travel was by foot or horse in those days.

In these global village days of jet tavel ~ look out whole world.

Who's to say that these germs haven't already flown across half the world?

Does anyone have any idea of incubation periods?

3:02 pm  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

I'm late to this thread, but I feel a tremendous need to say something.

A healthy amount of skepticism is a good idea to hang on to.

It's a reminder that the corporatists (or neocons, as the case may be) have used a great many avenues in America to keep the people AFRAID. It is much easier to control a population that is constantly in fear of many things they can't control.

If the ubiquitous "muslim terrorist with deadly intentions sneaking over our borders" isn't enough, it will be bird flu carried by migrating birds or beef from Canada or home grown germs in the dustbin left for a fortnight.

Anything to raise the fear level to panic level and protect a national industry that can't be outsourced (or perhaps to sell huge quantities of a phony vaccine).

Listen to the environmental people who say there is no harm in bi-weekly trash pickups. I only put my own out for pick up twice a month. Just be sure the garbage is secured from rats and mice and other animals.

Yes, the organism that causes bubonic plague exists in nature. In the few remote areas where it has been discovered, it has been eradicated.

I am not a bit surprised with the history of the Black Death very much alive in British minds that they (whoever they are) have decided to try to use it to panic everyone.

2:04 am  

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