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15 May 2007

Iraq War: Repulsive Racketeering Reality ...


We found but a single fault with this fantastic film;it's title isn't even slightly strong enough, for it fails to fully do itself justice.

However, sole minuscule imperfection notwithstanding, forget for a fleeting moment if you will, whatever else you may have thought or believed about this nauseating, never-ending, un-winnable , insane Iraq war.

Because believe us, it is without doubt about a bunch of bad, old American rich men making big, big bucks off the broken backs of and over the bleeding bodies of, brave but misled young American military men & women. As well as equally misguided, used and abused British (and other), US allies.

[And don't forget the (literally), countless numbers of (mainly) innocent Iraqi casualties.]

But, but, but ...


The brave boys and girls in uniform? Fighting for freedom? Killing in a good cause? Dying delivering democracy? They've been betrayed?

You bet they've been bloody betrayed. Big time. Believe it.

What's worse is that they've been betrayed by 'their own'.

That is to say, the obscenely mega wealthy, war racketeering and profiteering criminal class of their own once so respected society.

In other times and in other places such war criminals have deservedly, been judiciously sentenced to be shot. And, we're sure some would say even that fate was far too good for a few of them. Whatever. It is our personal opinion that a similar state of affairs is (or certainly should be), patently apparent today.

But to get back to the film business.

Every thinking man and woman in the world (who is able to), should watch this short video trailer of 'Iraq For Sale'
- then see straight through (within just several short minutes), the brazen, intelligence insulting, shameless smoke and mirrors shit that the Bush-Cheney-Co criminal maladministration is still shoveling down unsuspecting citizen's throats.

Now find out more about Brave New Films, the ones who made this masterpiece .

No wonder 'YouTube' is one of the websites which has so recently been officially put 'off-limits' for all US armed forces in Iraq, eh?

*Hat tip to Michael Scott. Again.*

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things are worse than you think. Wait till you see the movie proper.

10:26 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

I got a copy of the film when it first came available. When I watched it, it made a HUGE impression on me. It's almost impossible to explain it to someone who has not seen it. I immediately ordered more copies to pass around. Everyone needs to see it.

The memory that has stayed with me the longest is the terrible waste and the attitude it teaches.

For example, if a piece of equipment breaks down, don't even think about fixing it. (The bigger the equipment is the better.) Just walk away from that big transport truck with a broken axle, or even better, push it off a cliff so the "terrorists" can't fix it up and use it. Then just requisition a replacement. Big profits are made every time a replacement is ordered.

Uncle Sam pays the bill becuz Congress can't say NO to more war funding and has no idea how the money is being spent.

Everything is "no-bid" exclusive contracts to one of a small handful of companies. Then Company A sub-contracts out to Company B, and B sub-contracts to Company C and so on. Every layer gets to add on overhead and a profit percentage to the price. No questions asked.

There is no way to make profits like this unless there's a war goin' on. (or lots of wars goin' on all at once).

But the film has a lot more than this to say.

The producer says this has been by far it's biggest selling film. He's made a half dozen or so others, each one hitting a different serious issue.

1:39 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Thanks for that Rosemary, Richard and anonymous too. I now know that MUST watch this film in full.

2:07 pm  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Hi Richard:
I'm a little chuffed that I helped in a very small way to bankroll this film by contributing (what a lot of people don't know is that it was financed by 'we the people')the seed money.
It is the most powerful indictment yet of the horrifying,lying, corrupt gangsters that ever ran a government.
Thanks for publicizing it.

7:05 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

My thanks too, I MUST get that to watch and get some others to watch it too.

Btw, well done WiseWebWoman and Rosemary. We need more like you - many more like you.

8:16 pm  

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