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13 May 2007

US Set To Talk To Iran, Re: Iraq


Well, well, well.

What d'you know ?!?!

Could we soon be having a super-serious case of mass sanity to contend with?

Iran to meet US for Iraq discussion

Sunday, 13 May 2007,


Have several sensible people with power (elsewhere), suddenly started pulling certain others' strings?

Have certain parties finally figured out that as one invariably ends up talking, things might turn out ten or twenty times better for all concerned simply by doing the talking in the beginning?

Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari had said last week that he expected such Iranian-US talks to happen in Baghdad soon.

During a meeting on Iraq's future in Baghdad two months ago, mid-level US and Iranian officials did meet briefly and discuss Iran. Mid-level officials also met briefly at last weekend's Iraq summit at an Egyptian resort.

On Friday, US Vice President Dick Cheney, on an aircraft carrier about 150 miles from the Iranian coast, warned Iran that the US and its allies would prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons and dominating the region.

Yep, we know, we heard.

In response to Cheney's comments, Hosseini accused Washington of spreading fear in the Middle East.

Right, we heard that too.

So, read for yourself the rest of the 'relevant'.

Now, let's see if we can remember a bit about something else we heard - quite some time ago.

Such as -- the name of the brilliant old Brit who once so famously said:
"To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war."

UPDATE: Iran leader returns Cheney's recent tough talk and threats.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jaw-jaw's never going to become the American way. Not while the Military Industrial Complex rules the roost. They're the BIG, BIG string pullers.

11:48 pm  
Anonymous Strimmer said...

Is this a FLIP FLOP or is this a FLIP FLOP?

Wait! It's the KING of ALL FLIP FLOPS!

2:35 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

While this is something it's good to hear, what's going to come out of it in the end remains to be seen. Let's face it, who can any genuinely trust? I'd say neither of these two individuals. I'd go further though - I can't see any prospect of America's dubious methods around the world ever changing - voluntarily.

1:14 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Darn it, Richard. You beat me to it only by about a few minutes. I came to post that last 'update' link you added.

1:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The USA has massivly bitten off more than it can chew.... and is now choking on it. Everyone knows this. Everyone will take advantage of it in their own special advantageous ways.

Yipee! Bout time too!

10:14 pm  
Anonymous phil said...

If the US is going to talk to Iran - after all these years - then it's the US that's caved.

And may the rest of the world enjoy seeing many more of 'em.

3:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course he's begging. In spite of it's alleged military might and in spite of the fact that the entire Iraqi military surrendered with days of the invasion ~~ the US ARE STILL NOWHERE NEAR WINNING.

Huh. Some 'threat' they pose these days. NOT.

9:09 pm  

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