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14 May 2007

The War on Websites:US Dept of Defence Launches Internet Attack ...

Lots of us knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, since those in power are well aware of the old adage regarding knowledge being power.

No matter what sort of spin now seems set to be spewed forth in attempts to 'explain' the situation -- censorship by any other name is still censorship.

Today it's the turn of the US military, the internet's Youtube, My Space and several other famous sites.

The blogs and/or bloggers' turn to be blocked - if certain 'somebodies' saw fit - could quite easily come as quickly as tomorrow.

And what about the day after that? Who and/or what else could have it coming?

Make no mistake my friends, this could the first latest step on a super-slippery slope.

... the new rules mean many military personnel won't be able to watch those achievements — at least not on military computers.

If the restrictions are intended to prevent soldiers from giving or receiving bad news, they could also prevent them from providing positive reports from the field, said Noah Shachtman, who runs a national security blog for Wired Magazine."This is as much an information war as it is bombs and bullets," he said. "And they are muzzling their best voices."

The sites covered by the ban are the video-sharing sites YouTube, Metacafe, IFilm, StupidVideos, and FileCabi, the social networking sites MySpace, BlackPlanet and Hi5, music sites Pandora, MTV, and, and live365, and the photo-sharing site Photobucket.

Bloody bandwidth banditry?


Bottom line?

What the people don't know about, the people can't do owt about.

The less citizens are allowed to learn, the less citizens are able to attempt to alter.

At least ordinary Americans can now see just how much their freedom really is hated -- and much more importantly, who it is that hates that freedom most.

Can anyone say Censored States of America?

Read the latest re: these alarming revelations -- while you still can.

Oh, and by the way, before we bugger off ... here's another important message ... XXX ////****000.......>>>>>>>!!!!

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Anonymous kiwi said...

In it's day Caxton's printing press put the fear of God into the rich and powerfull. Today it's the inetnet that is the ordinary people's most powerful weapon, and the rich and powerful KNOW it.

Preemption, anyone?

1:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Censored States of America? I can do better than that Brit. More like Totalitarian States of America if you ask me.

5:39 pm  
Anonymous bootlian said...

I'm glad you decided to change one of your choices of words, Richard.

You're so right to say "latest" step on slippery slope instead of "first" .... or maybe even "dozenth".

10:01 pm  
Anonymous grrrrrrrr said...

Ask not for whom the bell tolls hippy liberals, it tolls for thee. Good riddance to bad rubbish when all your plugs are pulled.

10:20 pm  
Anonymous liz said...

i love how you illustrate your blog

10:30 pm  
Anonymous whoever said...

Cheney was running all over the MidEast and publicly talking tough, but the fact is that he was running round almost begging for help.

10:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


hammer, nail, head!

3:44 pm  
Anonymous different anonymous said...

Yep, I now it's an stale, old boring question by now but I still have to ask "Where is the f*cking outrage?"

Troops should just shut the f*ck up, keep their noses out of normal life and get the f*ck back to doing what they're paid for ~~ killing and dying ~~ or maiming and being maimed.

Right? F*cking NOT right.

But you know what? The only people in a realistic position to rid the US of all it's current enemies - who are ALL within - is the military.

8:59 pm  
Anonymous denk said...

there was a lot of brauhaha about china's censorship of google recently,
but folks arent aware of something more insidious at home. it happened so many times now i cant put it down to coincidence any more.
i posted a link in a forum, it become broken soon after. the second time i had to input key words to retrieve it from the google archive. but the next time i tried to post that link again, it had disappeared form the cyberworld completely, even google archive returned a naught .

11:17 am  

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