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17 May 2007

World Exclusive:This Old Brit Scoop:'Tony Blair-Jerry Falwell Link' Surfaces ...


This time we'll tell you from the off that title-wise, we are only half joking.


The bald, barmy old Brit soap series' character shown at the link below below is Alf Garnett.

He was played by brilliant, national treasure, British, Jewish cockney actor, Warren Mitchell.

Surely this crazy, comical old coot must rank mighty highly on the usual suspects' list when it comes to pointing to possible role models for the recently - and so suddenly - raptured Jerry Falwell.

The young, long haired blond bloke being berated on the couch is Alf's son-in-law (aka Scouse git), and was played by an English (Liverpudlian), Christian (Catholic), actor called Tony Booth.

That is, "the" Tony Booth -- father of Cherie Booth.

Now much better known by her married name, Mrs Cherie Blair.

Wife of Tony Blair.

Yep, THAT Tony Blair - the soon to be ex British prime minister.

Honest injun, folks.

We kid you not.

Now, watch this and wet yourself -- with laughter.

Here's the (absolutely unmissable), promised link.

You'll love it -- to say the least.

Trust us.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for enlightening me Brit. Btw, that video had me rolling on the floor.

10:28 am  
Anonymous Charles said...

Amazing isn't it? While half the world thought Alf Garnett and his antics were hilarious, half of America apparently thought this was the way to go.

And that's not funny, that's frightening.

11:45 am  
Anonymous anotheranon said...

Huh. Another class act. Brown should get along fine with Wolfowitz since they've got so much in common.

7:39 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Thanks Richard, that made my day. I'd almost forgotten how funny that programme was.

Thing is though that the type it took the mickey out of never realised it was [by proxy] "they" themselves who were being laughed at.

What was that other golden oldie about sows, ears, silk and purses ?

9:14 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

Sorry for the mutual disappointment Richard, but some English humor, just passes mile high above me, like some unreachable clouds in the sky.

Yeah I know, those bloody foreigners....;-)

Still, there has to be an exception, even for a benighted person like me: I absolutely adore Benny Hill.
RIP Benny. I still bitterly mourn your passing.

9:55 pm  
Anonymous Mike said...

Sorry for the mutual disappointment Richard, but some English humor, just passes mile high above me, like some unreachable clouds in the sky

You'd probably get it more readily in its American translation, All in the Family.

10:45 am  
Anonymous Bootlian said...

On the subject of role models, my late father in law could probably have been Alf Garnett's role model. And yet what he "did" as opposed to the things he "said" continually proved he was a good bloke.

I can only put things down to what's referred to parental guidance. IOW, HIS parents must have that way, and so he grew up believeng that that was the way to 'show off' to peers. They were all as poor as church mice and probably the only things they considereed they really 'owned' was their personal (believed to be) 'pride'.

(/shrink impersonation)

1:30 pm  

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