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26 May 2007

Some Liverpool Football Fans In Athens Shame All Civilised Scousers ...

We suppose that every sizable city anywhere in the world is saddled, to a certain degree, with a small section of shitheads it would rather disavow/disown than embrace as 'brothers'.

To which end, witness what we recently received in our in-tray from a good Greek blogger buddy, Dimitris.

It's in connection with the European, championship football final played out earlier this week in Athens, by Liverpool and Milan.

dear rich

i wonder if you are interested to have e look here:

liverpool fans in the center of athens

not a pretty sight dear

anyway i thought u migth be interested

have a lovely day

dimitris / manifestogr

While much of Manifestogr content will probably appear 'all greek' to you, you'll have no trouble at all in seeing what we think, and quite clearly say so (in plain English), via Dimitris' comments' section.

And to all & any interested other nationals (where ever in the world you may be), we most sincerely wish to say: Please, please, please believe us -- the vast majority of Liverpudlians are NOT like those pitiful plonkers pictured. Nor do they remotely resemble such revolting, repulsive, retarded reprobates.

The truth is that our proud old British maritime city is home to many, many thousands of decent, civilised scouser-citizens -- and certainly not solely drink sodden, sad-sack sorts of simpletons, such as are shown shaming us all.

Moreover, you needn't just take our word for it; you could in fact find out for yourself - first hand - if you cared to come calling (in person), on "Europe's Capital of Culture 2008."

The warmest of warm welcomes will await you; as always.

We warrant it.


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