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22 May 2007

Blair's 'Big Brother' Britain : 'Informing' May Be Made Mandatory ...


Below is an opening title screen from a 1935, John Ford film.

Below is a clip from yesterday's (London) Times - Monday May 21, 2007.

Secret plans to turn staff into police informers

Francis Elliott, Chief Political Correspondent

Council workers, charity staff and doctors will be required to tip off police about anyone whom they believe could commit a violent crime, under secret Home Office plans.

Civil liberties campaigners last night said that the proposal raised the prospect of people being placed under surveillance and detained even though they have committed no offence.

And a senior Whitehall official, who leaked the plans to The Times, said that it would entail a mass of personal information, including sensitive medical records, being passed around many different agencies — even if there was no firm evidence of any potential risk from an individual.


That's all we're prepared to say today.

But it's not all we want you to know.

Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.

Know what we mean? Understand what we're saying?

Shhh .. shut up .. keep it quiet .. just click & go! --->

And don't you dare say you weren't warned.


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