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29 May 2007

Sick & Tired Of US : Turkey Talking Tougher By The Day ...


For far from the first time, it seems Turkey is sending out some strong signals that it's increasingly sick and tired of America reneging on previously made (both privately and publicly), solemn promises.

Particularly, apropos continued (and ever increasing) serious Kurdish/Northern Iraq 'problems'.

And now, possibly -- no, make that probably -- even more particularly apropos this slimy sort of shit ......

Turkey warns US over air violations

Published: 5/29/2007 -- ANKARA

Turkey on Tuesday warned its NATO ally the United States against repeating violations of Turkish airspace at the border with Iraq, threatening unspecified action.

The warning followed violations by two US F-16 warplanes on May 24, which some Turkish media described as a deliberate attempt at intimidation as
Ankara discusses whether it should conduct a military incursion into northern Iraq to strike at Kurdish terrorists based there.

"We warned them not to repeat this... If this happens again... if this takes a different dimension, what we will do is obvious," Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with the NTV news channel.

He would not specify what action Turkey might take.
Read the rest of Richard's latest 'low-down' right here.

Y'know, if we were a couple of cynical old coots we could quite easily come out claiming some seriously justified concerns regarding (more) downright deliberate, United States 'shit stirring' all around Asia Minor.

But, nawrh, never.

NATO's first and second ranked 'standing armed forces', so seriously 'falling out'?

Nawrh, no way. Just too completely incredible to be contemplated. Right?

Anyhow, what the hell could a couple of quirky old Brit codgers (such as we are), possibly know about 'talking turkey' - proper?



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Anonymous Bluey said...

Thank God for that - comments allowed again. Good work Richard. So my 1st comment for now?

Turkey borders Europe - if America attacks Turkey consider it the start of WW3.

3:42 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

So glad to see comments are Back!!

Re: US and Turkey.... shit-stirring seems to be the name of the game everywhere the US goes in the area.

1:46 pm  

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