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10 June 2007

Downing Street ("Duh!") Security Scare ...


We notice not a lot's changed -- bumbling BlairCo's (so called, super security conscious), New Labour Government-wise -- while we've both been AWOL.

Same old screams/talk of terror, terror, terror. Lock up your daughters, etc, etc. Be afraid, stay scared. Marauding masses of mad, murderous, Islamofascist, Muslim Bogeymen are all gonna get ya -- and only Big Brother can save ya.

Dee dah, dee dah, dee bloddy dah.

Here's an example of the very latest laugh a minute, propa-media-ganda garbage.

Do as we SAY -- NOT as we DO!

Couple breach Downing St security

A couple managed to bypass security measures and walk straight into Downing Street, it has emerged.

Obadiah Marius, 44, and his girlfriend walked through a government building on neighbouring Whitehall without being checked, a No 10 spokesman confirmed.
What a way to run a railroad, eh? Sure sounds as though we have some especially stupefying sort of security service brain-box-boffins working extra efficiently at protecting us all, eh?

We wonder why words like idiots, incompetents, scaremongers and wankers spring so readily to mind?

Anyway, here's the low down on one of the latest laughable 'incidents' - which we're told was sooooo serious that :

The pair were arrested under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act.
Read the rest of this shit right here.

And while you're still with us you may be interested in giving
10 Downing Street an unannounced personal visit of your own.

But be sure you don't get in the way of some especially important people,
such as the soon to be ex-Prem's removal men.

After all, during days as dark and dangerous as these, priorities really matter.


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Anonymous gordo said...

Nice to see that you've returned to the blogosphere. As long as you're back in the UK, why don't you pop over to Tony's house and let him know that you're in?

12:48 am  

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