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14 June 2007

US Army Colonel Talks Of Traumatized US Troops; It Gets Crazier And Crazier ...

Shown (smiling), above is Colonel, Elspeth Ritchie.

She's psychiatry consultant to the US Army surgeon general.

Here's something she recently said.

At the time that the war began, I don't think anybody anticipated how long it would be going on," Ritchie said of the need for more health care workers, adding that long and repeat deployments caused by extended wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are causing more mental strain on troops.
So see some more re;such stupefyingly shortsighted shit.

But before we go, here's what we want to say to Col Ritchie on this especially touchy subject.

You don't think ANYONE anticipated how long IRAQ 'would be going on'?!

Jeezus, missus (or miss or mizz) -- are you completely crazy, Colonel?

Or simply several sandwiches short of a picnic?

Listen, lady -- either way -- you should have your head examined.


That's all, ma'am.

Have a nice day happy hour.

And keep on taking the tablets; the silly-tablets, that is.

Since they seem to be working so sodding well.


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Anonymous Tazmanian said...

First of congrats on your technical achievements!!
Is this harpie for real?? What a sad dysfunctional bunch these Murrikans are. As you so eloquently point out in your article anyone wih an ounce of grey matter knew the invasion of Iraq would lead to a highly motivated resistance movement and voila!
My own personal hope and belief was that the Murrikan populace would have seen through Bush's scam and have had their troops withdrawn by now. Clearly I grossly overestimated their ability to reason for themselves and similarly underestimated the concern they should have had re 3600+ dead and 30,000 seiously injured.
I should point out my sympathies don't lie with the ones mentioned above but with the poor Iraqis. After all the Murrikans have a choice whether to be there.

5:59 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Thanks, Tazmanian. Great to hear from you again. Glad you stayed with us.

As for the harpie -- huh -- what's new? Remember Condi's usual lame excuse(s)?

8:28 pm  
Anonymous Phoenix Woman said...

Oh, she probably knows full well the truth, TOB. But since she's active military, saying the truth could get her in trouble, especially with Bush in the White House.

1:46 am  
Blogger Ben Hoogeboom said...

Saying the truth could get her in trouble, you say? There you are wrong. No one is afraid to say the truth about any situation, nowadays, whether in Iraq or at home. She just believes the things she says to be true! You know, the Iraqis are murderers, that’s quite obvious to her. Anyone carrying a gun in Afghanistan is a Taliban warrior. That too is obvious.
The sad truth is, that the whole thing would not have had to appear when the U.S. would have been a little bit more careful and cautious in 2001. Just a little bit. They weren’t.
Yours, Ben Hoogeboom.

12:11 am  
Blogger Buttermilk Sky said...

Tazmanian, I'm a Murrikan who's just as frustrated as you are, and twice as angry. Like fools, we thought electing a Democratic Congress would end the madness. We tell every poll-taker that we want the troops out. We write letters and hold demonstrations. We've tried everything short of planting gunpowder under the Capitol during a State of the Union speech, which didn't work for Guy Fawkes either. We're open to suggestions, Taz.

This war has lasted longer than Harry Patch's war, and is taking a similar psychological toll on the troops. Anyone who thought it would be a cakewalk should turn in his/her uniform for a clown costume.

2:54 am  

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