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17 June 2007

And Now Another Birthday: This Old Brit Is 109 Today ...

Narwh, not 'This Old Brit' -- THIS old Brit -- as seen over there on the left.

His name is Harry Patch and he's an absolutely amazing old man.

Today, Sunday 17th June 2007 is Harry's 109th birthday.


Harry was born in 1898.


Here's a snippet of Harry's story history.

WWI veteran celebrates 109 years

Harry Patch was injured and lost three friends on the same day.

The last known surviving British veteran of the
World War I trenches is celebrating his 109th birthday.

Harry Patch from Wells, in Somerset, will have lunch with friends and family before returning to his residential home for a party.

Mr Patch served with the Duke of Cornwall's light infantry and saw action in the bloody Battle of Passchendaele in 1917.
Read some more re; this grand old man.

And you can see even more -
right here.

Now, whatever you do, do NOT sign off until you've seen something about some other wonderful old Brit, WW1 vets.

Here's a tasty teaser to tempt you.

The Last Tommy Gallery

In 2005, only a handful of men survive from the 5.5 million-strong army that fought for Britain in World War One. It was the largest army this country has ever put into the field

Here, six of the remaining veterans tell their story for the last time. They reveal a fascinating glimpse into the life of the soldier of the Western Front, in the bitter and brutal world of the front line. Sadly some of these survivors - all over one hundred years old - have since passed on, but the story of their generation's sacrifice will endure forever.
Read the rest of this brilliant BBC gem; and it's got great pics of these other old Brits. So, please don't pass up this chance to read, learn and inwardly digest. Learn about the horrors of the so called 'Great' war - 1st hand - from men who fought it

here's Harry being honoured with a Bristol University (honorary) Degree just two years ago.

Good for you, Bristol Uni -- and good on you, Harry. It suits you, sir.

Here's hoping you have a very, very happy birthday, Harry. And we wish you many more of 'em, old boy.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing. If Harry ever starts a blog he'll have to call himself This ANCIENT Old Brit.

11:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duh! Or even This ANCIENT Brit.

11:25 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

What a waste - then as it still is now. When we we ever learn?

Btw, it's great to see you got 'comments' sorted, Richard.

12:51 am  
Anonymous bluey said...

It is great to see them back. And what a great old guy that Harry is. Thanks Richard. Like time travel

3:35 am  

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