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26 June 2007

Iraq Immigrant Influx Imminent In US ...

Perhaps it's because George W. Gump Bush spends so much time talking with God that the president also moves in mysterious ways. Eh?

After all the carnage and chaos in Iraq (caused completely by you know), the US maladministration is soon to start taking care of Iraq war refugee families - 'over here' (as it were) - so it won't have to take care of them 'over there'.

First big wave of Iraqi refugees heads for the US

By Dan Murphy
Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
Tue Jun 26, 4:00 AM ET

Amman, Jordan - Adnan Abbas – with his poor English, four young daughters, and little money to speak of – shrugs when told that making a new life in the US will be hard.

"I know that a new country, new language, is difficult and that America isn't going to say, 'Welcome, Adnan, here's a million dollars,' " he says. "But life in Iraq? That's impossible. We're one of the luckiest families in the world."


In February, the US agreed to accept 7,000 Iraqi refugees this year, a large jump over the fewer than 700 Iraqis accepted by the US in the first three years of the war but a drop in the ocean when measured against the estimated 2 million Iraqis who have fled the country since the war began. About 2,000 of those Iraqis coming this year, say refugee officials, will start their lives anew in Michigan.
Read the rest of this report right here.

At least families fortunate enough to finally get the hell out of the hell that's now Iraq won't have to worry about things such as shown above.

As we said at the start - mysterious ways, eh?

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Anonymous musings said...

I am sure it will be no fun (at first) for the Iraqis, who will be treated with suspicion and possibly harassed by the authorities. To add to the confusion, they may be coming from diverse religious backgrounds and have recent cause to be angry with their "fellow Iraqis", who may cluster with them in various ghettoes.

The Vietnamese seem to have done well settling into the US - those who have. In other news, "Made in Vietnam" labels seem to turn up in my clothes lately. I wonder who is putting them there?

But the Vietnam War ended; North and South reunited. The Communists from the North won. The Iraqi mess is not likely to come to such a decisive outcome anytime soon - and a fool like Bush is unlikely to pull out.

I really cannot read the tea leaves on Iraqis in America. The US population is going through a huge demographic shift again. The best hope for the Iraqis is that they get on well with the Mexicans, and that eventually between them they control Congress in twenty years or so. Perhaps in Hispanic cultural ways there is some memory of the old Islamic world of Spain, just a hint, or at any rate the knowledge of how to live in hot weather, something to make them and the Iraqis instantly simpatico.

As global warming takes hold in America, we'll need people who understand how to survive in places like Phoenix, if the air conditioning proves to be unsustainable.

The picture is devastating. Only a creep like Bush could imagine that a trip to McDonald's and a low wage job will make it all better. What the Iraqis really need is Iraq without us.

3:30 am  
Anonymous bluey said...

Well said, musings. Especially your last sentence.

9:54 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's nothing more than a token gesture. Those figures a paltry .. insulting ... etc. America owes many, many, many more Iraqis.

What's more, they should heve been doing more. And doing it several years already.

10:44 am  
Anonymous gordon said...

I'm certain these families' worries are far from over. Can you just imagine what they're going to face from the neo-red-kneck-nuts? I bet their lives will still be in danger in certain areas and circumstances.

7:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:02 pm  

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