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29 June 2007

Russia's Putin Arming Venezuela's Chavez ...

How's this for a pair of presidential pals' perfect photo-op pose?

Tut, tut. Talk about timing. And talk about (tremendous), unadulterated temerity too.

President Putin has chosen to play host to President Chavez - for some more arms sales' (face to face), wheeling & dealing sessions -- just three short days before flying to America to meet (and to talk to), an increasingly isolated President Bush.

Here's a snip from a story published today by English Al-Jazeera.

Last July, Chavez spent billions of dollars on Russian helicopters, arms and fighter jets. This time he is thought to be shopping for submarines.

"So I came to Moscow to talk to Vladimir and after four months we had Sukhoi planes flying over Caracas. And now we have our first fleet of aircraft.

"This is what we call solidarity; this is what we call independence."

Russian newspaper Kommersant reported this month that Chavez was expected to sign an initial contract that would include five Project 636 Kilo-class diesel submarines, and possibly four other submarines later ...

Obviously, it's already crystal clear to the canny Chavez what wonder-boy in the White House - along with his arse-kissing crew of yes-men - still haven't sussed out for themselves.

Which is, that those making the least friends invariably finish up finding themselves facing the most foes.

See some more of this story.


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Anonymous bluey said...

an increasingly isolated President Bush.

More than that, he is SO isolated and cocooned in the bubble he lives in that he's still completely unware that that's the case. Unfortunately it won't be himself (nor his eletist ilk) who will eventually pay such a high price.

Most of the world already blames 'America' and-or 'the Americans' for all his actions, rather than himself and his evil, corrupt, warmongering, war-profiteering administration.

9:45 am  
Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

Very interesting indeed, Chavez and Putin and few others are pretty much the good guys these days and both of them have come under extraordinary attack, just outrageous in nature some of it and the reason is pretty clear.

I very much want to see that John Pilger documentary you linked to re Chavez as well.


1:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can only repeat; "Good old Vlad!"
And good old Hugo, as well. Good luck to them both.

Jultra is right. For those of us who remember Russia becoming a superpower, and the 'Cold War' which followed, the phrase 'the world turning topsy-turvy' doesn't even begin to describe it!

bluey, I think 'most of the world' can differentiate between the US/UK warmongering leaders and their ordinary anti-war citizens.

And now it turns out that the latest bomb scare was the work of white supremicist neo-Nazis, according to the BBC.

Another turn up for the book!


5:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apologies! I misread the poster I was quoting re neo-Nazis. He was talking about a similar case where a nail bomb was found:

Sorry about that.

Back to Vlad. I hope he doesn't eat or drink anything when he goes to the U.S, other than what he takes with him!


6:00 pm  

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