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01 July 2007

Bush, Putin ~AND~ Clinton On US Missile Shield In Europe ...

Here's just some off the stuff that's been said today about the Bush-Putin, presidential meet up.

But the two leaders failed to resolve differences over the US' planned anti-missile defence shield.

Russia has strongly opposed US plans to base parts of the proposed anti-missile shield near Russia's borders, and recently warned it might target its missiles towards Europe again.

On the vexed question of US plans for a missile defence system in Eastern Europe, President Putin brought a range of new proposals.

These included modernising a radar station in Azerbaijan, which he had previously suggested as an alternative site to Poland and the Czech Republic, and including in the programme a new radar facility being built in southern Russia.

"The relationship of our two countries would be raised to an entirely new level," said Mr Putin, standing alongside his host.

He also suggested including more European nations in the decision-making process.
Here's the pertinent piece in it's entirety, via the BBC.

Aaaaand ...

nowww ...

... in case it somehow escaped the gaze of anyone reading here, coming next is a (pretty surprising) bit about Bill Clinton's trip across to Ukraine -- just a few days ago.

Bill Clinton derides missile shield plan

YALTA, Ukraine (Reuters)

Former President Bill Clinton on Friday cast doubt on the effectiveness of a planned U.S. missile shield, deriding it as a "colossal waste of money".

Clinton said the defence system, parts of which are to be deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic, had created unnecessary difficulties with Russia, which denounces the plan as an attempt to undermine its defence capabilities.

"My facts may be wrong, but my impression is that we are creating a crisis here when none is necessary," Clinton told a conference in the Ukrainian resort of Yalta on the ex-Soviet state's relationship with Europe.

See the full story -- courtesy 'The Scotsman'.


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Anonymous magnus said...

I see that Bill's a very busy man of late.

Bill hits Hillary campaign trail

Bill Clinton has stayed out of the limelight in his wife's campaigning

Former US President Bill Clinton is due to make his first major appearances beside wife Hillary as she campaigns in the 2008 White House race.

The pair will spend three days in Iowa, a crucial state because it is among the first to pick which candidate from each party will run for president.

Later in July they are due to travel to New Hampshire, another key early state.

It comes as second-quarter fundraising totals show Mrs Clinton second among Democratic contenders to Barack Obama.

Until now, former President Clinton has largely concentrated on fundraising on his wife's behalf and they have made few public appearances together.

More at link.

10:32 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Surely this must mean that Hilary is against the Europe sitings too. If not, one or the other of the Clintons is going to look as though they're intelligent while the other one stupid.

Me? I agree it's a bad move. But then again, I don't have big money to make through the Military Industrial Complex.

8:30 am  
Anonymous gordo said...


The European sites are such an obviously bad idea that I think even Hillary will be against them. But I don't take Bill's opposition as being an indicator of her position. They have the potential to play a coy game, with him giving one position on an issue and seeing how it plays, and her publicly taking a different stand if it turns out to be unpopular.

5:27 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...


So they're all whores = to a man = and to a woman?

Ack. Insincerities R us.

I wonder why I'm not surprised?

6:00 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

Heard the latest threat of retaliation from Russia on this? On the proposed US missile shield in Europe?

How's this for a 4th july message to America?

How's this for a 4th july message to America?

6:06 pm  

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