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13 July 2007

See For Yourself ... 'Sicko' ... And ... Cheney ...

Today we're taking on the role of go-between.

First, we want to pass this on, from Tom at Current Era.

Sicko : The Full Movie Online

Michael Moore said that he wants people to see his new movie. Here it is. He does highly recommend seeing it on the big screen as well as I do. If you like it, please grab some friends and family and go see it together the way it was supposed to be seen.

I put this up for people that would not go watch it otherwise and as a promotion for the movie so that people would be inspired to take others to watch it at the theater.

This is the full movie.

If I am asked to take it down, of course I will, but for now, thank you Michael Moore for realizing getting the message out is the most important thing.

Click here to watch...broadband required....
Next we want you watch this video evidence of (just a few of), Dick Cheney's patently impeachable offences.

Impeach Dick Cheney

P.S. There's also a petition with an option of signing at this second site.

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