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17 July 2007

UK-Russia Diplomatic Relations Rift Escalates With Expulsions ..

A storm in a tea cup?

Or a sign of some more serious stuff, as yet still to surface?

"Russia warns UK over expulsions

The Kremlin has warned Britain it faces "serious consequences" after expelling four Russian diplomats from the UK.

The move followed Moscow's refusal to hand over the former KGB agent accused of murdering Alexander Litvinenko in London last year.

Suspect Andrei Lugovoi, who denies involvement, claimed the charges against him had a "political subtext".

But Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Britain would make "no apologies" for expelling the four Russians.

Mr Brown said that because "there is no forthcoming co-operation, then action has to be taken".

The [British] Foreign Office has not named the four Russian diplomats, but the BBC understands they are intelligence officers."

Shown above is murder victim
Alexander Litvinenko

Another Russian spook Andrei Lugovoi, (shown below) had allegedly slipped some sort of (lethal), radioactive isotope into Litvinenko's drink.

Could 'Cold War' be making a comeback? At any rate, as far as (already rapidly cooling), UK/Russia diplomatic relations are concerned?

Get the BBC's latest reports/analysis/explanations/etc, right here (including video link to the victim's public accusation(s) and identification of his killer), then see what you think yourself.


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Anonymous whoever said...

I'll tell you what we're [all] going to hear a lot more about ~ Russia back to talking tough ~ and meaning it.

Gone are the days of the 'bankrupt' Russia. They're now a very wealthy nation due to their gas and oil sucesses.

They've torn up the arms treaties ~ directly thanks to Bush and company. Once again they need to be taken seriously. And you can be sure they're going to mak sure that everyone knows it.

7:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although I hate to see two big European nations whipping their tools out ... I think the Brits have a short and rather selective memory as to why the Russkies have decided not to extradite Lugovoi.
To quote:
"Over the past six years, Moscow has sent Britain 21 extradition requests but not a single suspect has been extradited,"..."The suspects included fraudsters, killers, terrorists, drug dealers and persons involved in especially serious embezzlement of funds. Six of the people mentioned in the requests have been granted political asylum in Britain"
One of which is Roman Abramovich, who decided that he'd rather not pay the taxes from the massive wealth he procurred using questionable practices.

8:52 pm  
Anonymous martha said...

Richard, it looks like you fame is spreading.

'In The Spotlight' at C.N.N.

9:29 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Abramovitch? What a piece of work he is. A gangster - nothing less. Yet welcomed with open arms here in the UK.

But you have to remember -- we (meaning our two-faced politicians) need to tax him over here, so they don't have to tax him over there. :*) [/snark]

9:51 pm  
Anonymous andy scott said...

It's a dirty business and those who are in the business literally revel in it.

Stuff 'em all.

2:51 pm  

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