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25 July 2007

England Today;Floods, Floods And Still More Floods ...

Few words today -- other than to say that much of England is still submerged.

Let the photos speak for themselves.

No global warming, eh?

No climate change, eh?


Floods or no floods, none of us are THAT wet behind the ears.

Catch up on this UK catastrophe at the BBC site -- where there's absolutely no shortage of words -- nor pictures -- nor videos -- nor links.

And, according to the Meteorological Office forecasts we're still far from finished with floods.


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Anonymous cebm said...

So sorry, it looks horrible. Right... no global warming. I'm in central Texas where it has been raining for the better part of two months. Needless to say, normal for this time of year is 100 f and dead grass. What are our genius's here planning? Why, more coal burning plants! Somewhere around 15. Texas alone will be emitting as more crud than most countries.

4:00 am  

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